Songkran: Everything You Need To Know About Holi in Bangkok

The festival of colours Holi is celebrated in many parts of the world in different versions with as much fun and festivity as in India. Among the many destinations known for a colourful Holi celebration is Bankok where every year Songkran draws a huge number of tourists from across the world. 

What is Songkran Festival


The traditional Thai New Year is celebrated like the Hindu festival of Holi as people splash water on each other. During this festival, people wear colourful outfits and Thai dresses, and much like Indians, they clean their houses and visit temples. 

When is it celebrated?


The festival is celebrated from April 13-15 every year with Thai people hitting the streets to splash water on each other. Other than the fun, people also feed poor people and offer money for repair or construction of religious places. Many animals are also freed during the festival. 

How is it celebrated?

Thailand - During Songkran

While splashing water and dousing each other is the fun part of the festival, the traditional rituals include pouring water on the statue of Buddha. Later, the water is poured on elder people‚Äôs hand to seek their blessings. This is also the time when people meet their friends and neighbours and seek blessings from monks and elders in the family. In fact, the second day of the festival is also known as the National Family Day. 

songkran street waterfights

For the fun festivities, the roads are cleared and vehicular traffic is not permitted. The youngsters are particularly in love with the festival which is celebrated with fun and fervour. The only vehicles that are allowed on roads are trucks full of water and ice cubes. A huge Buddhist procession is also taken out during the festival and people make resolutions. 

(Curated by Priya Pareek)