A Solo Female Traveller’s Guide To Thailand

Travelling alone as a woman can seem scary due to the prospect of navigating the unknown. With a fast-growing trend of independent woman travellers exploring the world, however, there is inspiration all around us. Though women are seen travelling solo globally, Thailand has seen a rise in this trend like no other.  

With a beautiful landscape, pristine beaches and a vibrant local life, it is a great country to start your solo journey. Besides being extremely safe and welcoming, it is also budget-friendly and easy to navigate. Here are a few recommendations that will help you plan your dream trip to this amazing destination.

Packing appropriate clothing

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Even though Thailand is a tropical country, it’s not all surf and sand. So even though it may seem tempting to stock up on your shorts and bikinis, keep in mind your itinerary and the diverse nature of this country. There are amazing waterfalls, temples and viewpoints that go beyond just the beaches and its active nightlife. People here are primarily Buddhist and dressing skimpily may seem offensive especially in religious places. Bangkok clubs also have strict dress codes and can turn away anyone not adhering to those. That being said, keep your packing minimalistic as everything you need is easily available in local stores.

Getting around Thailand

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It is relatively easy to get around anywhere in Thailand. From an affordable public transit system to metered taxis, it is very easy to navigate around cities. Most signs here are in both Thai and English. Don’t hesitate about haggling with local Tuk Tuk drivers about the price as they are known to overcharge tourists. Downloading local apps such as Grab App can be extremely helpful as well. A fun thing to do while travelling between cities is to take the night train/night boat as they have all the facilities of your average hostel and will save you costs for a night stay as well.

Planning the journey: Take the offbeat track instead of focusing on the capital city

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A lot of people stick to exploring just Bangkok and its nearby areas. However, the beauty of this country is in exploring its small villages and cities that are yet unexplored. Nature lovers can explore destinations like Khao Lak or Ranong in Southern Thailand for its hot springs and palace gardens. Northern Thailand, on the other hand, gives you an option to explore cafes and lively bars in places such as Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. Ayutthaya in the Central Plains is also known for its magnificent ruins and temples like Wat Phra Si Sanphet and Wat Mahathat.

Experience a unique stay option

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Thailand has some of the best hostels around the world, which can be better than even regular hotels in some places. However, if you want to truly break out of the mould and try something unique, then try a “Home Stay” at a Buddhist temple. Many temples around the country offer this option to single female travellers. In rural areas, a lot of locals also offer a homestay with them for a small payment. In temple stays there are rules to follow such as dressing appropriately or going on a no-meat diet. However, the experience of staying like a local is truly magical and will leave you awe-struck.  

Befriend the locals

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While travelling in the Land of Smiles, it is extremely easy to make new friends. Thai people are extremely warm and welcoming to tourists. Show them your appreciation by travelling sustainably or respecting their local culture. You can also volunteer for short local community projects that are held every week across the country. Apart from the feel-good factor, you will meet not just other travellers but also community members who can share their personal experiences with you.  

Treat yourself with a night of luxury or shopping

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Luxury in Thailand can be surprisingly affordable. Most affordable accommodations offer facilities such as full-service spas, yoga workshops and great food to indulge in and have a relaxing overnight stay. If you are heading for a night out, then don’t forget to explore the street food or go crazy shopping at their famous night markets. Usually named as Talat, they are open throughout the night and offer a wide variety of local items.

With a deeply engrained Buddhist culture and with a minimalistic crime rate, Thailand is the safest places for a solo female traveller. However, like any other part of the world, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and travel smart!