6 Places in Norway that Will Make Even the Northern Lights Jealous

From Fjords to the rugged landscapes, from the surreal Northern Lights to the beautiful coastal towns; the gorgeous sights of Norway are an endless voyage of discovery.

Words fall short when it comes to describing the endless beauty of Norway. From the magnificent fjords to quaint and colourful coastal towns, this Scandinavian country is like a Pandora’s box that will treat your senses with one surprise after another. For adventurers, it’s an added delight! The beauty and the rugged terrain of the offbeat locations in Norway is something every traveller must experience.

The Hardangervidda Plateau

The largest mountain plateau in Europe is home to some of the most stunning camping and trekking locations in Norway. The best part about is that you can camp anywhere as per Allemannsretten – a Norwegian law that allows travellers to camp wherever they like. Moreover, the terrain is ideal for hiking thanks to its geology.

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Southern Norwegian Archipelago 

One of the most striking features of Norway’s stunning coastline is the beautiful towns that are painted in red, white, blue, and ochre. The coastal towns in southern Norway were busy ports a long time ago, today they are a hub for cultural activities and the ideal destinations to experience the coastal lifestyle of the country. You can explore the coastline by kayaking or head to Skagerrak Strait for fishing. In the summer, you can bask under the glorious sun on the rocky slopes found in this region.

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If you are looking for an ‘Into The Wild’ kind of experience, then hiking in Femundsmarka is a must! Thanks to its rugged terrain and unexplored hikes, this spot in south Scandinavia is one of the most beautiful offbeat locations in Norway. Hiking in this region can be quite adventurous since you often have the company of reindeers and moose while you wander off in the wilderness. However, you might also come across a brown bear or a wolverine! During summer, you can canoe in the lake or river in Femundsmarka.

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Alfotbreen Glacier

The glacier’s geological formation makes it a very distinct destination for travellers seeking an offbeat path. You can witness its constantly changing surface as you take a tour and explore one of nature’s magnificent marvels. The Alfotbreen is Norway’s westernmost glacier and a great place to enjoy nights in a cosy cabin. Also, the rock carvings at Vingen known as petroglyph is a famous attraction in this region.

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Lofoten Islands

The dreamy northern lights that decorate the night sky and the towering mountains that rise from the shore together create a surreal vision in the Lofoten Islands. On top of that, the alpine landscape further adds to the beauty of this region which is best explored by visiting the town of Fredvang. It’s an isolated town located and one can go hiking from here to the Kvalika Beach. The virgin beauty of the island is further escalated by the beautiful coastal villages, Hamnoy and Reine.

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Lyngsalpene Mountain Range

The last one on our list of offbeat locations in Norway is this stunning mountain range, which is an ideal location for skiing. Surrounded by fjords, this wonderland in Norway’s backyard is home to mountains that rise a thousand meters above sea level. The summits of these mountains attract extreme adventurists towards them to test their limits through adventure sports. The wildlife here also is quite busy with frequent spotting of reindeer, wolverine, and elk.  

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Norway is a complete package and offers all types of experiences to travellers. However, these offbeat locations in Norway are something that attracts a specific set of wanderers who seek solace in nature and like to stay away from the chaos.