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8 Signs That Say You Were Born To Travel

Who does not like a good vacation? Travelling makes us more accepting of new experiences and an alternate way of life. While we all love a good trip, there are some people for whom just that one vacation a year is never enough. With travel on their mind and wanderlust in their heart, the world is their playground. If you can relate to any of these 8 signs, then chances are you too are a born traveller!

You like planning as much as travelling

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Frequent travelling has made you so good at planning things, that even a good travel agent would be envious of your skills. Constantly reading about pointers for accommodation, fares and the best travel deals has kept you prepared with all information at your fingertips. Moreover, at the end of your trip, you already have a plan charted out for your next trip!

You prefer “investing” on experience more than materialistic things

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Some people prefer spending money on things like an expensive phone or even a fancy car but for you, it is all about spending your money on a memorable trip. Getting that unique experience, no matter how expensive or far away it is what adds value to your life.

You are constantly checking for good deals on flights, because ‘just in case’

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Because who would want to pass on a good deal that others find so hard to find? The destination may not even matter as long as its somewhere new. The search everywhere option on your favourite flight booking website is where you like to spend most of your time online.

Your phone is loaded with travel apps

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You know how to make the most of information available online today. From maps to a converter, language translators and even an expense manager, you have got it all.

Anytime someone is travelling, you instantly think of recommendations

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From food to drinks and even travel hacks, you remember destinations by experiences. Not because you want to show off, but simply because you want everyone to see how great the destination actually is!

The thought of not having a trip planned causes anxiety

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We are talking actual anxiety because the thought of being stuck in one place for too long is simply not an option. Hearing about people planning trips when you don’t even have a flight booked to your next destination is what you dread the most.

There is no country that isn’t on your bucket list

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Nowadays people usually want to travel to regular destinations like France, Italy or Australia. However, being the Neo traveller that you are, destinations like Kazakhstan and Tibet or even a week spent in the remote city of Russia excites you more than the usual places. And every time someone talks about their trips, you seem to add in it your list, after all, you will eventually get to them, right?

Your dream job contains travelling the world

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Being a writer for a travel magazine, working as an anthropologist or becoming a travel guide are all things you would seriously like to do. After all, any job that lets you explore the world is what you have always dreamt of

Now that you have found out the signs which tell you that you don’t just like to travel like most people but were truly born to travel, pack up your bags for a journey to another unexplored destination!

‘Curated by Neha Bhise’