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From Visas to Shots of Vodka: This Guide is All you Need Before Visiting Russia!

Gorgeous landscapes, beautiful architecture, colourful culture, multifaceted society and welcoming locals- Russia gives you many reasons to be fascinated and to keep coming back. The world’s largest country, it is home of the ballet, unmatched history, and architectural masterpieces that exist alongside the cosmopolitan culture of the city.

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Do’s in Russia

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  • DO Apply for Visa early

Make sure that you apply for Visa early and register for one on arrival. You may as well register at the last moment but this will help you save extra bucks. Begin the process at least a month before your trip and you may take the help of a specialist travel agency. 

You must have your Visa registered for at least seven days excluding public holidays and weekends. If you are staying at a private residence, the obligation to provide proof of stay rests with your hotel or hostel, or landlord, friend or family. 

  • DO Check the events calendar

Check the calendar to know the best time to visit Russia when you can visit all the major monuments. For example, during the first week of January and the first week of May, the entire Moscow and St Petersburg is usually shut. Both cities are quite festive and eventful with concerts, parades, and other events, museums and other institutions open only for short durations. The best time to visit is May to September and mid-June is absolutely irresistible, with the White Nights revelry at its peak. (Elaborate)

  • DO Learn the Cyrillic alphabet
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In order to be able to street and metro signs, maps, timetables and menus, try and make yourself familiar with the Cyrillic alphabets. You can also use Russian Metro app and Google Translate for easy communication. 

Don’ts in Russia

  • DON’T ask for a mixer with your vodka
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When in Russia, make sure that you follow certain tradition so as to not offend anyone. One such tradition that is sacrosanct, is the drinking of vodka. Instead of asking for a mixer, you might have a lemon, a pickle or, perhaps, a separate glass of water to wash it down. It’s good sense to eat a little something after each shot, so make sure you order some snacks along with your vodka.

  • DON’T take photos of government buildings
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You must be careful while taking pictures of monuments especially official-looking buildings and military-security structure. Travellers have been arrested and fined for the same.