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Relive Date Nights Despite Lockdown With These Romantic Ideas

It is often said that to really know a person one must walk a mile in their shoes – we believe it’s better if you just walked with them! Traveling together with someone can tell you more about yourselves and them than spending a lifetime together. If you have found that perfect travel partner – you are among the luckiest people in the world! However, if this quarantine is ruining your time with your valentine – here are some ideas for a perfect isolation date to make time together count.

1. A Picnic Among the Stars

If you are thinking of ways to relive your camping adventures and nights spent with nature, just take a mattress and a cozy blanket, go up to the terrace and count the stars in the night sky. A tumbler full of hot chocolate (spiked?) would not be amiss!

night sky urban
Credits: Pxfuel.com

2. Set Up a Chores Obstacle Course

While that adrenaline rush itself may be too far to achieve, why not turn your home itself into an adventure course of sorts? Make daily chores more fun by having a race to finish or just set up tasks and challenges around the house like who can do the most in an hour, who can make rotis the fastest! It may not be the most special thing to do but it would certainly give you something to laugh at.

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3. Recreate that Perfect Breakfast in Bed

Replenish the memories of that gorgeous breakfast in bed by making your significant other some scrambled eggs, toast, coffee, juice and cut fruits. Pop open the fancy china and voila! You have yourselves a cozy and delicious breakfast in bed! Some soothing music can help too!

Credits: pikrepo

4. Play Board Games

Recreate the memories of a family holiday of the 90s by playing board games with the love of your life. You can also complete a jigsaw puzzle or simply play cards. You can also roll the dice and have challenges written on each of the numbers that the partner has to do!

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5. Have a Spa Date

Give your partner a nice home spa date! Manicures, face masks, massages, soft music, candles and some soothing fragrances… It could not get better than this! Rejoice your memories of a wellness vacay with a spa date at home!

Credits: Pixabay

We hope these simple quarantine date ideas help you have a memorable day with the love of your life!