Rejuvenate Your Bohemian Bones With An RV Trip To Relive The 60’s

Whenever a long weekend comes up, we are sure you are busy making travel plans and having them canceled by not so enthusiastic friends. Fret not! We have the perfect travel plan for you. How about a caravan trip from Agumbe to Malpe with your squad?

Sounds too good to be true? Better believe it! Wait no more. Pack your bags, and load up that RV because you don’t want to miss the trip of a lifetime.

An RV road trip is a perfect way to relive the ’60s. It’s thrilling and adventurous, and you have to keep an eye for the unexpected. However, that’s the fun part of it, when you are on the road; expect the unexpected. From historical marvels to waterfalls, to splendid vistas of dynamic wildlife, the road from Agumbe to Malpe is a brilliant experience in itself. The trail will take you in a true Hippie style with friends and strangers who will become friends to an unforgettable adventure.

The Road IS the Adventure!

1. Visit the historical marvel of Kavaledurga fort

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, Kavaledurga is a famous fort built in the 9th century. The fort has five gates with watch towers flanking each gateway. The first gate opens a world of stone carvings, and idle gun-slits, and the winding climb through the second, third, and fourth gate will take you to the ruins of the fort.

Blast from the past

Another major aspect of the fort is the presence of water channels. It has seven water bodies which have access to water all year long. The fortification also has three temples within its compound – the Lakshminarayan Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and Shikareshwara Temple.

2. Treat Your Eyes With a Picturesque Landscape of Bheemanakatte Village

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bheemanakatte is a small village situated at the bank of the river Thunga. It is a beautiful blend of the river, mountains, and exuberant nature. It’s a visual treat for the eyes with the picturesque landscape decorated by the golden sands of the river.

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3. Capture The Visual Spectacle of Agumbe Ghats

Source: Wikimedia Commons

What is a road trip without sunrise and sunsets, right? Now we all agree that the western ghats are simply fabulous. There are many stunning locations that run along the length and breadth of the mountain range, and Agumbe Ghats is one of them.

Know More About Cherrapunji of South India

Lovingly called as the Cherrapunji of South India, this spectacle of a location has the highest rainfall in all of South India. There are falls, valleys, and reserve forests on the ghats, and sunsets seen from here are simply breath-taking. It is also one of the best sections for a road trip, in the ghat area.

4. Say Hello To Elephants at Sakrebailu Camp

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ever wondered about the lifestyle of elephants in a camp? Home to about 25 elephants, trained and untrained, it is the most visited elephant camps in the country. You can interact with elephants, bathe them, feed them, and even stay in the camps to know more about them. The Tyavarekoppa Lion & Tiger Safari are located right next to the camp. You can say hello to the tigers here, and experience an amazing forest safari.

5. Rejuvenate Your Bohemian Bones at St. Mary’s Island

A visit to the Malpe is incomplete without visiting the one and only St. Mary’s Island. Coloured in blue, green, and golden, it’s a perfect place to rejuvenate your bohemian bones. It is often referred to as Madagascar’s cousin sister due to the volcanic rock formations found in both the places.

Visit the Amalgamation of Four Islands

St. Mary’s Islands is listed as one of the geological monuments of India. It’s an amalgamation of four different islands – Coconut Island, North Island, Darya Bahadurgarh Island, and South Island.