Oota Aita, Bengaluru? Top 10 Yummy Bangalorean Food Experiences

The name Bangalore, or Bengaluru, translates to – ‘A Town of Boiled Beans’. Now that explains why Bangaloreans are avid foodies. So, are you prepared to eat what it takes to become a true Bangalorean? If yes, then this listicle is for.

#1. Dal Obbattu at Holige Mane, Maleshwaram


Popularly known in Karnataka as ‘Holige’, this sweetened flatbread can be considered as Karnataka’s very own Cadburys. They love to enjoy a bit of Holige on special occasions. It’s recipe varies according to the regions in Karnataka, but basically, it’s just toor dal, jaggery, and flour mixed in the form of a flatbread.

#2. Idli Dip Sambhar at Amruth Vegetarian, Ashok Nagar


You might have tried Idli with Sambar, but have you ever tried Idli in Sambar? While Idli with Sambar defines the entire South India, an Idli dipped in Sambar defines Karnataka. If you try it once, you will realize that it’s the best way to eat this dish combo.

#3. Bhaji with Filter Coffee


It’s no secret that filter coffee is the life and soul of Bangalore. Bangaloreans are addicted to this combo, and you would too, if you try it once. Bite into a hot crispy piece of Bhaji, and flush it down with some refreshingly hot filter coffee; the best thing you could ask for, especially if it’s raining in the city. You can find the duo in almost all the tea stalls in Bangalore.

#4. Bun Nippat at Chetty’s Corner, Serpentine Road


It’s a simple snack that is hugely popular among the Bangaloreans. It’s a chatpata snack which contains a deep-fried masala nippattu which is confined within two warm buns along with grated cheese, onion, and a secret sauce that, apparently, is not revealed to non-Bangaloreans.

#5. Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Arts, Indiranagar


The Mecca of all those with a Sweeth Tooth, Lavonne is where you can go to satiate all your dessert cravings. Situated in Indira Nagar, it is also a baking science academy co-founded by Chef Avin Thaliath. The sugary confections and fluffy pastries will grab your heart in under a minute!

#6. Rolls, Kebabs & Momos at Chakum Chukum, Indiranagar


Rolls, Kebabs, and Momos are among the most popular street foods in Bangalore. They are simply succulent wraps of chicken, mutton, and vegetables, and have both veg and non-veg variants.

#7. Donne Biryani at Shivaji Military Hotel, Jayanagar


Donne in Kannada means bowl, and Donne Biryani simply means biryani served in a bowl. The bowl is made out of giant papaya leaves, and the biryani is served in it. For Bangaloreans, any list of food is incomplete without their dear donne biryani. It’s a perfect blend of ghee, spices, coriander, and mint, and donne mutton biryani is the most popular of all.

#8. Byg Brewski, Hennur


Where do Bangaloreans go to drink beer, and chill? Well, they go to Asia’s biggest microbrewery known as the Byg Brewski. It has that great rustic feel to it, and to add to the ambiance, there’s a huge lake with a waterfall right at the centre. There’s a live kitchen where you get to stare at all kinds of global cuisines being cooked. And as for the beer snobs, well let’s just say that you’ll find your paradise here!

#9. Steak at Millers 46, Vasanth Nagar


Compared to the other major cities in India, the steakhouse business in Bangalore is very much alive and kicking. This is because Karnataka allows the slaughter of bulls above the age of 12, and also allows the import and serving of cow beef. One will find lots of steakhouses spread across Central Bangalore, but the Miller 46 at Vasanth Nagar stands out from the rest.

#10. Thanda Paan Ice Cream at Stoner, Koramangala


You must have tried the pan before, and you know what ice cream tastes like. But have you ever tried the ‘Paan Ice Cream’ before? If not, then you must as it’s one of the most unique desserts you’ll find in Bangalore. It’s refreshing, and the strong flavor of paan leaves will surely give a tingling sensation to your taste buds.

Curated by: Kiran Reghunath