One Place Where You Wouldn’t Want Your Voodoo Doll to Be At – Mayang, India’s Witchcraft Capital

In the northeastern corner of India, lies a small city with eerie tales associated with it. Mayang village in the Morigaon district of Assam is one city in India whose tales are even older than the tales of the Brahmaputra River. The forests of this village house witches and the saints of black magic till date. The unexplored village has a history not worth hearing and tales creepier than a cemetery.

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The backstory

Set on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Mayong or Mayang, derived its name from the Sanskrit word Maya meaning “illusion”. Among the other stories associated with the naming of the village, this one is the most heard of. The mention of this tiny hamlet has been found in various mythological epics, even in the Mahabharatha. The most astounding thing is that witchcraft and sorcery have been traditionally practised and passed on to generations for years over here.

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What caught our attention the most?

The village’s memoirs account for human sacrifices or Narabali that were carried out in connection with the worship of Shakti until the early modern period. With recent discoveries by archaeologists, swords and other sharp weapons, that resembled like the ones used for sacrifice in India, were found in the woods, confirming the practice of human sacrifice. The stories that startled us the most were of men disappearing into thin air, people being converted into animals and beasts being magically tamed, with just the chant of a mantra. Spooky, right?

Some spells that spooked us out

Amongst the countless spells used in performing black magic in the village, not one had the potential to change the weather according to the Mayang mythology. You could utter the “Luki Mantra” and make men disappear, or chant the “Udan Mantra” to be able to fly in thin air. There are spells to turn a leaf into a fish or an evil man into an animal. And the list goes on.

The local healers of Mayang get the upper hand than the doctors there because of a practice they follow to rid pain. They treat it by placing a copper dish on the source of the injury and wait for the dish to “eat away” the pain. It is also assumed that if the pain is too severe, the dish will overheat and shatter onto the ground.

Lost something in Mayang? Worry not! The witches here will help you find your stuff. They place a flower in a metal bowl, followed by placing the bowl on the ground. The bowl then moves on its own, into the direction of the lost or stolen item and stops only when it finds it. Wish we had a hack like this at our disposal. Life would’ve been much easier!

What’s more to this eerie village?

Apart from the spooky backstories and tales, Mayang is also renowned for its natural beauty, rich wildlife and archaeology pilgrimage. With more and more travellers visiting the village, the gates to new thoughts and mindset have been opened. Some of these travellers come to learn solely about the dark arts, whereas some arrive to admire the show put up by Mother Nature here.

Wildlife plays an important role in Mayang’s tourism as there lies the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, very close to the village. The sanctuary has the highest density of one-horned rhinoceros in the world. The liaison between the animals of Mayang and the dark arts can be observed at the Mayong-Pobitora Festival, which celebrates the fusion between wildlife and sorcery.

So, did this article send a chill down your spine or would you like to have hands-on experience?

Curated by: Shivangi