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6 Nourishing Trips to Take After the End of Coronavirus Outbreak

The world right now seems to be under lockdown and as Indians, we can only anxiously read the news coming from the Western countries and try to guess or evaluate our fate. Dark and stressful times, however, do not lose hope. Hang in there and isolate yourself, and collectively, we can end the outbreak in our country. And once that happens, the world is open to exploring again! You can go back to your travel plans, but maybe start with something simple, nourishing, and uplifting for your soul? So here’s to that endless hope, and the places we’ll see and live once the outbreak is over. 

Benaulim Beach, Goa 

Located just 2 kilometres from Colva, Benaulim Beach is one of the most serene and peaceful locations in Goa. Often preferred by solo travelers, newlyweds, and even artists, the Benaulim beach will give you a beautiful insight into what Goa would have been if not for the commercialisation. Stay at any of the cottages or shacks on the beach, and you can wake up to the sunrise over an expanse of a tranquil sea. Avoid the beach during monsoon if you can, as heavy rains ensure that most of the places are shut down on the beach. As it is for the rest of Goa, winter is a perfect time to explore this beach. 

The Fell, Finland 

Going international now, Finland, in general, is the perfect country to explore if you want a getaway. Albeit slightly more expensive than your average tourist destination, the country’s wilderness and its lovely folks make up for the pocket pinch. Lush green forests atop the mountain offer a heavenly retreat from the bustling city life. If you’re traveling with a resident, then you’re in for a treat, as they can chauffeur you through some of the best vantage spots of this country. 

Santorini, Greece 

This picturesque Greek island has attracted millions of people throughout the year, with its white sandy beaches, sparkling seawater, and cute hammocks, Santorini ranks high for a peaceful retreat. Depending on the season you may or may not have to deal with bustling crowds, however, anything post-July is a good time to visit Santorini. The island is also a hot destination for amazing Greek cuisine so if you’re a foodie, don’t think twice about booking your tickets to Greece! 


Anything which is surrounded by the Himalayas needs no hard selling points. The land is heaven on earth, with a view to die for! Book yourself a cozy and warm cottage and wake up every day with the Himalayan range sprawling in front of you. Also, the residents of Bhutan are some of the kindest and friendliest in this world, and spending some time with them might do you wonders, especially for your fresh out-of-isolation self. For those who are avid fans of trekking or hiking, then Bhutan is your go-to destination as soon as this outbreak subsides! 

Bodhgaya, Bihar 

Don’t wince just yet, despite the place being in Bihar, it’s miraculously escaped from the city’s urbanisation and tourist-heavy clutches. Perhaps a place where Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became Buddha would have its serene aura, right? Bodhgaya is a perfect destination to unwind and dive into your spiritual side. An ideal place to offer your respect and to just pause for a while, and take in the beauty of this world, that’s not such a bad thing after all, is it? 

Puerto Rico 

This South American country is highly underrated; lush green forests, salt flats, and other UNESCO Heritage protected sites make Puerto Rico into an ideal getaway. The country’s history and architecture are also impressive and intriguing, and if you find a Puerto Rican resident to travel with, then you’re spoiled for choices. The entire country is brimming with nature, history, and of course, culture. The country’s highlights are of course the people, and in Puerto Rico, you’ll never be bored or lonely even for a minute. 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange 

Photo Courtesy – Wikipedia Commons, Shutterstock, Pexxels