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Most Watched Vloggers To Help Inspire Your Future Travels!

Traveling is an experience like no other. Not only does it widen your perspective, but it also helps you to see the world through a different lens than your own. Even though traveling is such an important part of our lives, at a time when you are stuck at home and are unable to venture out, the internet can be one of the most exciting places to be.

With funny and inspiring videos made by some of the best vloggers, you can create a wonderful diversion for yourself during an otherwise boring week of binging on the same old shows. With hundreds of videos showcasing good content on the internet, here are some of the top travel videos to make your search easier and help inspire your future travels!

Fun for Louis

(C) Fun with Louis

Louis Cole is a daily vlogger and a full-time globe trekker who spends his life travelling the world and posts an interesting travel video every single day! Always on the road with his friends from around the world, he is completely natural and charismatic in front of the camera. His chilled and easy approach to life is what keeps his viewers coming back for more.

The best video to start with: Check out his video for “Best Greek Island Locations” which showcases his journey across the Greek Islands with hidden locations for you to explore during your trip here.

Lost LeBlanc

(C) Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is a daily blogger from Canada who left his 9 to 5 job for his passion for travelling. He documents his travel on Instagram while motivating others to pursue what truly makes them happy.

The best video to start with: His documentary called ‘Black Tusk’: The Ugly Truth of Elephant Riding’ was filmed with an intent to show the dark side of animal tourism. It will inspire you to spend money at sanctuaries where elephants are able to live more naturally.


(C) Psychotraveller

Aly has been discovering and documenting her journey for years now. Her popular YouTube channel is a platform meant to inspire people of all ages and walks of life to live their life to the fullest while showing the highs and lows as a digital nomad.

The best video to start with: Her video called “What makes Thailand special?” is the perfect video to get a glimpse into the culture and landscape of this country to plan a visit there.


(C) Vagabrothers

Alex and Marco are two brothers who literally live to travel the world. Their cultural and culinary experiences have taken them to some of the most interesting places in the world.

The best video to start with: While all their videos are inspiring, one of their best videos till date is “10 surprising reasons to visit Amsterdam” which is a perfect travel guide to the city.

The Travel Vlogger

(C) The Travel Vlogger

Created by Brian Cox, this is ideal when you are looking out for bite-sized videos that highlight exotic destinations around the world. Always on the lookout for extraordinary experiences, he shares the best things to do off the beaten path.

The best video to start with: If you though the Czech Republic is just about Prague, check out his video ‘Top 10 places to visit in the Czech Republic’ to see destinations from Cesky Krumlov to Mikulov

Hey Nadine

(C) Hey Nadine

Nadine’s energy is infectious and shows you the fun side of exploring different parts of the world.

The best video to start with: Her recent travel to India will show you a different side of the country. From her tips for Jaipur to the realities of travelling in Mumbai.

Rick Steves’ Europe

(C) Rick Steves

Rick Steves’ advocates affordable and perspective-broadening travel across Europe. For years now, he has been helping travellers connect with Europe for a fraction of what mainstream tourists pay.

The best video to start with: With more than a million views, his cruising experience in the Mediterranean is one to definitely watch out for.

Drew Binsky

(C) Drew Binsky

Since he started travelling in 2012, Drew has travelled to almost all the countries in the world. With just a handful of them remaining, he has a knack of showing you a different side of each country.

The best video to start with: His series on things you can get for $10 in each country has been one of his most popularly watched across platforms.

While this list covers some of the best content, there is no shortage of good travel videos on the internet. Watch these videos to get to know what to do or expect and get all the inspiration you need when you finally get to travel!

‘Curated by Neha Bhise’