Here Are 5 Live Streams That Will Give You The Perfect Escape From The Comfort Of Your Home

There is no better time to stay at home than now! The messaging from governments and local health advisers is clear- social distancing is the only to go for us to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But that does not mean we can’t still experience a bit of adventure from the comforts of our home. After all, the internet can be one of the most interesting places to be! From slow-motion explosions to trekking, museums, beaches, natural wonders, hotels and wildlife, the list is endless.

To face this situation together, a ton of institutions, entertainers and other creators are putting up online content right now. Available as live streams, they are the perfect way to get that communal experience wherever you are located. So, if you are tired of binge-watching regular content, here are top live streams that will give you the perfect escape!


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No matter which beach you have added on your bucket list, you can take a digital trip to any of them across the world through LiveBeaches.com or Skyline webcams. Enjoy the sand and surf with pristine beaches, as hundreds of options are available on these websites. So, whether you want to stroll the boardwalk, see the calm ocean water or just daydream about breathtaking sunsets over the beach, you can access all of them through one simple click at any time of the day. Search by the country name or just have a look at the most recommended searches on the site.


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All across the globe, hotels have been live-streaming their stunning views to people who need that escape without being able to spend or get away from their homes. Some of the most popular options include The Malibu Beach Inn in California which offers panoramic ocean views via its live webcam, pointing out directly from the hotel lobby. If you are in the mood for some old-world charm, check out the Inbal in Jerusalem, Israel which is located on top of a hill overlooking the Old City giving viewers an endless view of the city. So, pour a glass of wine or even put the live stream on your television to feel like you have been on a holiday all day long!

City tours

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The most popular tourist destinations have sadly been hit the hardest during these troubled times. You can, however, still get an experience of visiting any of your dream destinations around the world! This includes unwinding with a live stream of the Eiffel Tower or catch a rare glimpse without crowds of the world’s busiest junction at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing. To add some romance to your life, take a virtual visit of Venice through I Love You Venice, which is a YouTube channel featuring 19 live streams of the city’s most scenic areas.


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If you are a wildlife lover, who can’t have enough of watching these exotic creatures, there are several ways to watch them from your home. Japan’s famous Jigokudani Money Park, for example, offers a live stream of snow monkeys indulging in the world-famous hot springs. For browsing through multiple options and learning more about each species, Explore.org offers an abundance of wildlife webcams with everything from elephants to marine life on display.

Northern Lights

If you have always wanted to see the aurora borealis in all its splendour, you will want to check out the Northern Lights cam from Polar Bears International in Churchhill, Manitoba. Due to its positioning beneath the auroral oval in the Northern Hemisphere, it has approximately 300 nights of auroras every year. For a more prominent viewing area, head over to SeeTheAurora.com, which provides you with a list of webcams and updated photo streams from places like Norway and New Zealand.

Being unable to travel this vacation season may make this time seem a bit claustrophobic for you, however with as the world heads for a lockdown, let these live streams make you take time to slow down and escape your routine even if it just for a few minutes by travelling virtually through them!

‘Curated by Neha Bhise’