‘Lavonne Bakery: A Place That Makes Sticking To Your Diet, Difficult!’

Have you been a fan of Charlie and the Chocolate factory? Well, everyone with a sweet tooth wishes to dwell in that story. You will always find the real world’s Willy Wonka at a bakery, treating everyone to their all-time favourites. With a sprawling open bay bakery and swanky three-floor workshop, Lavonne bakery and academy is perfect for those who want to devour anything sweet and master the art of baking.

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So, let’s embark on a journey that will take you through the most iconic bakery in Bengaluru also known as the birthplace of the bucket cake and moodpills chocolates.

A treasure chest to savour with your eyes

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Orange Cheese Brioche, Danish or a cup of fresh hot chocolate, is what will pull you towards this eponymous bakery run by students. The whiff of freshly baked goodies will linger on long after you enter Lavonne’s dessert haven.

Lavonne is a treasure chest for everyone looking for specially crafted French-style patisserie. What’s not to love about this place? The café’s open dessert bay will make you want to have that ‘extra’ bite’ or wish there was a seat right next to cheesecakes, chocolate croissants, and sweet quiches that you could savour with your eyes.

Beyond Lavonne’s red doors, you might not find anything luxurious, but a perfect place for dates and a budget-friendly menu that will allow you to pick up your favourite dessert.

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All the dessert lovers will also be able to treat themselves by ordering baked goodies created in the masterclass.

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Curated by Ruchit Rastogi