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Kandima Maldives Resort: An Unforgettable Experience

Kandima is where the magic happens. The thrill of traveling to the exotic island-nation of Maldives in itself is a fascinating escapade, but Kandima resort raises the bar really high! Kandima Resort provides you with the high-end Maldives experience in all its lush, turquoise glory. 

It is an affordable and picturesque holiday destination that indulges all your Instagram-worthy fantasies including a stay in stylish studios and villas, dining at zesty restaurants, and a plethora of different activities that you can choose from. The resort provides vicinity to the lively city where the guests can languidly spend their time. 

Credits: Kandima.maldives

Kandima Resort – Water Villas and Bungalows

With its motto as “Anything but Ordinary”, Kandima Resort is located in the Dhaalu Atoll. The airport is 15.8 kilometers from the site. The resort features 272 luxurious beach studios and villas with spellbinding interiors and breathtaking views. You might find impeccably creative furniture to suit your individual needs. And a beautiful terrace for stargazing. Moreover, Kandima boasts of the fine view of the Milky Way galaxy it offers. 

The resort also offers a 100-meter outdoor pool known as the Breeze Pool Bar. There are excellent avenues for sports lovers because the site has well-maintained tennis and volleyball courts at the Sports Arena. Burn and Aquaholics is the go-to place for an adrenaline rush. There are a lot of choices for you to explore.


KULA Art Initiative

The KULA Art festival takes place annually at Kandima Resort. The word “KULA” means colors in the Dhivehi tongue. The festival is the most happening art centers in all of Indian Ocean according to many. This makes the Kandima Resort one of the most innovative places to be at.

Every year, over 20 local artists are invited to the site to showcase their skills in front of a global audience. To prove their mettle, they express themselves through diverse mediums. And these include digital art, coffee art, acrylic art, henna art, spray paint, and local crafts.

Apart from the annual event, regular exhibitions and exciting art performances by local artists are also organized at the in-house Aroma Art Studio which is the prime locus of Kandima’s art scene. Also, as an offshoot of the KULA Art Initiative, Kandima Resort supports the local artists by donating $1 from each room to the artist community. They also pledge a certain amount to sustain local schools and artists with equipment, paid internships, scholarship programs, and support for securing further education.


Facilities at Kandima Resort

Kandiland is a paradise for the little guests. Replete with fun activities for the little ones, it has a well-trained staff to take care of any needs that arise. There are multiple spa stations that offer the ultimate relaxation package for you to unwind and let go of all the worries.

The Fresh Lab is an experience in getting farm-fresh produce right to your table, with lip-smacking delicacies laced with satisfied farming communities that are supported by this initiative. Because it is important to go local.

The newly launched D.I.V.E is a virtual experience of Kandima Resort, and truly a unique experience on its own. A lot of the information regarding the site is available on the K’ App which is customized according to the user’s needs. There are plenty of other fishes in this sea!


Meal Plans

You can choose from multiple meal plans offered at the site. Kandima offers a wide range of cuisines at multiple outlets. You can choose the basic meal package, which is the Bed & Breakfast. You can choose from other intermediate options. Or you can enjoy the Platinum All-Inclusive package, that includes many, many perks. But, the takeaway and in-villa dining costs are not included in these meal plans. 

Nearby Landmarks

  • Kandimas Island – 190 m
  • Huluwalu Island – 11.04 km
  • Dhaalu Airport – 15.83 km
  • Kudahuvadhoo Island – 15.99 km
  • Hulhudheli Island – 23.15 km
  • Rinbudhoo Island – 24.69 km
  • Dhoores Island – 24.78 km
  • Vommuli Island – 25.51 km
  • Furi Island – 26.88 km
  • Meedhoo Island (Dhaalu Atoll) – 28.93 km

The K’OnGuard Programme

Kandima Maldives is one of the rare resorts with an advanced medical clinic with international doctors and staff. The on-site clinic provides all the state-of-the-art medical services. And this definitely makes Kandima a reliable tourist destination. The meticulously designed K’OnGuard program closely manages all health, safety, and service protocols, and all this while not hindering even an inch of the customers’ experience of the place. Since the island is pretty huge, social distancing is easy to maintain.

An internationally trained Health & Safety Manager leads the K’ OnGuard as a program. And along with the inspection team, they make sure that every procedure is in place for the safeguarding of the guests and staff. Kandima can easily facilitate quick and hassle-free COVID-19 PCR tests as per the guests’ requirements.

The additional procedures encompass the safety and wellbeing requirements across all points of contact. This includes transfers, public areas, restaurants and kitchens, bars, guest rooms, activities, the spa, and fitness centers. Also, another important measure taken by Kandima Resort to maximize safety on-site is contactless check-ins and check-outs and 24-hour minimum vacancy between hosting guests.


Budget Details

The lowest packages for 3 nights begin at around INR 78,377. The cost of stay comes around INR 24,330 per night, if not booked within a package offered by the resort. 

Kandima also offers an early bird discount if you book 60 days in advance. 

How to Reach Kandima Resort

The nearest airport, as mentioned earlier is the Dhaalu Airport (DDD) which is 15.8 km away from the site. Next closest airport is Thimarafushi Airport (TMF) which is 60.6 km away. You can also avail transfer services from the resort itself. The airport transfer fee is around 350 USD (INR 25,800). Travel time from the airport is around 25-30 minutes. 

From Male Airport, you can choose the following options:

1: Domestic Air Transfer to a nearby airport and then a 20 min speed boat trip to Kandima Resort. 

Cost: $350 (INR 25,800) per person return.

2: Sea Plane transfer directly to Kandima Resort.

Cost: $550 (INR 40,550) per person return. 

Please note that you must book these facilities at least 7 days prior to your arrival/bookings.