Indian Hoteliers Are Not In Favor Of ‘Quarantine Tourism’: Reports

As of June 9, 2020, India is moving in the direction of lifting the ‘world’s biggest lockdown’ despite a steep increase in COVID-19 cases. According to reports, one state is planning to open its doors to tourists. The Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jai Ram Thakur, reportedly said that he wants to highlight the state as a “quarantine tourism” destination.

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According to reports, all those who wish to visit one of the most popular summer destinations in India, will not be allowed to go sightseeing or leave their hotel premises. If anyone is found violating the set rules, necessary action will be taken against both the hotel and tourist.

‘It is risky to open up tourism’

According to reports, President of the Shimla Hotel and Restaurant Association, Sanjay Sood, stated that it is risky to open up tourism in Himachal Pradesh. In addition to this, Sood said that given the current public health crisis, it is not safe for employees and locals living in different towns. He also said that the state’s peak tourism season has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no proper reason to open up borders.

Immunity boosting drinks for tourists?

Another point put forward was to include immunity boosting drinks for tourists coming to hotels. Also, health department will decide the menu handed out to guests in hotel restaurants. A few authorities are of the opinion that local tourism should not be opened up until International and domestic flights resume normal commercial operations.

According to reports, hoteliers in Himachal Pradesh are not in favor of restarting their business due to the current situation.

Uttarakhand opens up its doors

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As of now, hotels will only allow people to come in for official or business purposes. However, Uttarakhand has now opened up its doors for tourists, though with some restrictions. It is necessary to make advance bookings before you visit the popular tourist state.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Himachal Pradesh is more than 400, with 6 deaths and 223 recoveries. However, India is grappling with more than 2,65,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Given the current situation and the virus’s capability to harm human life, we urge everyone to think twice before making a travel plan.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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