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India: Nationwide Lockdown Extended To Curb Coronavirus Outbreak

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In a televised address on April 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the continuation of a National lock down till May 3. The first phase of the lock down was from March 25-April 14. This lock down is to curb the spread of coronavirus which has now affected more than 10,500 people in India. A detailed guideline by the government will be presented on April 15.

Prime Minister Modi said that the government will keep a close watch on all hot spots across the country. Areas with no coronavirus cases might get partial relief for essential services but with a few conditions. Rules for venturing out will be very strict and will be withdrawn if any condition is violated.

India lauded in its fight against Coronavirus

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The Prime Minister stated that the lock down resulted in a huge economic loss but his biggest priority was to save lives. He also aimed to reduce the difficulties endured by daily wage workers and farmers. In addition to this, he stated that the lock down had helped India to minimize the impact of coronavirus plaguing other countries.

During his speech, PM Modi thanked all the citizens in their fight against coronavirus and added that a lock down was necessary to save lives and flatten the curve. He said the initial 21-day lock down was a reflection of how the country managed to tackle this adversity with limited resources.

PM Modi reassures citizens

All Indian citizens were reassured that there was adequate stock of medicines and rations. Health infrastructure has been strengthened with arrangements for more than 1 lakh beds and 600 hospitals for coronavirus treatment.

Defending his actions, Narendra Modi stated that India began screening incoming passengers from coronavirus-affected countries before a single case in India. The PM said the government did not wait for problem to spiral out of control. They attempted to control the spread by taking quick and well-informed decisions.

He urged everyone to maintain discipline in the same they had been doing so far. He supported his statement by stating that every new case should be a matter of concern and new hot spot will be a challenge.

Towards the end of his speech, he asked people to support the elderly, follow the rules of social distancing. People were also asked to let the authorities on the front lines do their jobs without any trouble.  He also asked people to support the needy and support the working class by not firing them.

Aviation and Railway extend suspension of services

The civil aviation ministry, in a statement, stated that all domestic and international flights will remain grounded till May 3. Flights were initially grounded for a 21-day period from March 25-April 14.

Indian Railways followed suit and extended the suspension of all services and passenger trains till May 3. However, goods and parcel trains will be exempted from this suspension.

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