In Frame – A Photologue of Sri Lanka

The Lankan land is South Asia’s paradise on Earth. A diverse country, this island is surrounded by picturesque seas, lush green forests, towering mountains, and unparalleled flora and fauna. The Sri Lankan population is as diverse as the land, with trademark kindness, hospitality, and enthusiasm attracting tourism throughout the world. What was once a humble island is now a developed metropolitan country, however, the natural wonders are still maintained. Here’s a unique journey of Sri Lanka through pictures, we hope it’s enough to transport you to that magical island where history, myths, and legends all come true! 


The capital city sure knows what it’s like to stay humble at heart, and yet, reach for the skies. Here’s Colombo; a heady combination of urbanisation and history. 


The city where history and legends still whisper in every alleyway and every household. Kandy is a refreshing aftertaste from the chaotic Colombo. 

Sri Lanka’s Seafront 

The island’s sustenance is heavily dependent on fishing and waterfront activities. Sri Lanka surely knows how to embrace its coastline, with views as unreal as the feeling after standing in front of the frothing waves. 


A testimony to the impenetrable defence of this land, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress is of quintessential importance, and of course, a magnet to unsuspecting tourists. 


Four prominent religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam adorn the island. And yet, religious harmony is constant, and heavily emphasised upon. In frame – A Hindu temple with incredible carvings and statues.  


Buddhism is perhaps the widely accepted religion in the Lankan Land. The Dambulla Golden Caves are a miracle, with the cave temple housing almost 200 Buddha statues plated in Gold. 


Surreal flora and fauna call this island their home. The Sri Lankan Government has emphasised on protecting the wildlife at all costs. Elephants, monkeys, deer, and leopards are the prominent animals in this kingdom. 


Adam’s Peak, the mountain rumoured to have the footprint of Buddha is a massive tourist attraction. The trail leading to the top is exhausting but well worth the bird’s eye view from the crown of the mountain. 


The island is blessed with a rich source of precious gems that wash down from the mountains due to the rivers. Authentic Gems in Sri Lanka are expensive, but deserving of the price once you discover the painstaking efforts it takes to retrieve them. 


Heavily influenced by the Tamil, Indonesian, and Malaysian cuisines, Sri Lankan food is delicious and mostly organic, lacking any adulterations and chemicals. Coconut, Rice, Fish, and fresh fruits consist of the staple diet. 

Ravana’s Kingdom 

The fabled and mythical ruler of ancient Sri Lanka is revered and cherished among its citizens. Ravana’s kingdom is the reason why Sri Lanka and India went head to head in ancient times, and Ramayana was birthed, changing the course of history. 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange

Image Credits – Pexels, Shutterstock