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Home Away From Home – Little India, Singapore

If Singapore is where you are planning your next holi-holiday; giving a miss to Little India would be tantamount to being criminal. This little heaven of shops, eateries, jewellery outlets and gorgeous walls is one that can charm any traveller.

How To Reach Little India, Singapore 

Serangoon Road is your best entry point for Little India Singapore. The North-East MRT Lines- Little India & Farrer Park Stations are the best get-in points. Both these stations can be reached via a taxi or a bus from the city centre or your hotel. It is recommended that you pre-book taxis during the weekend, availability can be an issue due to peak tourist hours. 

Little India is located on the eastern side of the Singapore River. It is easily accessible via taxi and bus, and most of the local residents can point you in the right direction. For further map hints, Little India is located on the western side of Chinatown. 

Best Time to Visit Little India, Singapore 

Although Singapore is a year-round destination, April to December is the best duration if you want to experience the culture and several festivals. For Little India, October and November are ideal seasons; the place lights up, literally. 

Singapore hosts a pilgrimage as well as an art festival in October. Little India sees carnivals, stalls, and street artists during October. November is the most important month for Little India due to Diwali. The entire area resembles India in its truest self- lanterns, sandalwood smells, along with delicious and authentic Indian food is on display. Singapore considers Diwali as one of the key highlights when it comes to festivals and celebrations. 

What to Shop at in Little India, Singapore 

The rest of the shopping scene in Singapore is an urban expanse of sprawling malls and shopping centres. Little India on the other hand, sticks out beautifully, capturing the attention of every unaware tourist. Not only visually appealing, but the place also smells amazing- inviting every passing traveller. 

Little India’s key attraction- Serangoon Road is a strip lined with Indian shops of all kinds. Indian spices, jewellery, clothes, liquor shops, you name it. Jewellery shops in Little India, Singapore are by plenty, however, three names top the list. Ishtaara Jewellery, Abiraame Jewellery, and GRT Retail International. All three shops can be found on Serangoon Road, with Ishtaara Jewellery slightly coming out on top against the other two names. 

For Gold shops exclusively, the Mustafa shopping centre is your ideal location. One of the key malls in Little India, Singapore, Mustafa shopping centre has some of the best deals on gold and jewellery. 

Food in Little India, Singapore is undoubtedly some of the very best in the entire city. Food stalls, restaurants, cafes all serve some of the finest cuisines and it’s a treat for your eyes as well as your tastebuds. A few noteworthy bakeries and patisseries- Butterstudio, Breadtak, and Paisley & Cream. From croissants and baguettes to cheesecakes, eclairs, and mud cakes – you crave it, they’ll serve it.  

A Shoppers Sea into a drop – Summarising Little India, Singapore 

Little India, Singapore, is a shopper’s heaven, period. If you’re up for traditional shopping with hints of antiques, perfumes, and clothes, then Little India, Singapore is the place to be. While the area does lack an expanse of malls and modern shops which the rest of the city has, Little India, Singapore has its own simplistic charm. 

Bargaining is at an all-time high, especially with fresh produce like food, spices, and souvenirs. With bargaining, comes a risk of being cheated, so always keep your eyes, ears wide open. Most of the shops are open 24*7, however, it’s best to ask a local about the street timings and availability of shops especially during festive seasons. Wherever possible, opt to dine at local small cafes and restaurants, not only will you be helping them out, the taste and quality will rival fast-food chains. 

Little India is a fast-paced, bustling area, so unless you’re prepared to shop on the go, it would be wise to avoid spending too much time in the area. It’s also recommended that you shop with a local resident, to survive the hardcore bargaining and the language barrier. When in doubt, always use the Internet for queries, and avoid spending too much time at a single location; Little India, Singapore is a whole world in itself and trust us, you’d want to see the most of it! 

So if Little India, Singapore has already had you dreaming of losing yourself amidst the bustling crowds and shops, then it’s time to call your friends and start making plans. Singapore is a gorgeous city, and Little India is it’s crowned jewel, undoubtedly! 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange

Photo Credits – MakeMyTrip , UrbanTravelBlog