Highlands Festival 2020 – End the Year on a ‘High’ note with Ritviz, Parvaaz and More

This New Year’s Eve – Party with Flynote in the beautiful green hills of Sakleshpur.

As always 2019 flew by in a flash. It just seems like yesterday we were filling out our New Year Resolutions in swanky planners and here we are already making plans for the big NYE bash. It’s time to give an epic finale to the roller-coaster ride that 2019 was! 

What if we told you that you could literally be in two places at once on this New Year’s Eve? Would you believe us? Well, we are about to do just that. 

Credits: Ritviz

This New Year’s Eve – Party with Flynote in the beautiful green hills of Sakleshpur where you can experience a quiet getaway as well as a thumping party with world-renowned artists performing just for you. Where you can experience the thrill of hot air balloon rides you and lose yourself in the soulful serenades of Parvaaz. Where you can find your balance in slacklining and lose yourself dancing to the beats of Ritviz. Where you can have a quiet introspection indulging in DIY art or completely let loose with the rocking beats of an award-winning band – Girish and The Chronicles (GATC). Ready to rumble?  Welcome to the Highlands Festival!

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So, what exactly is the Highlands Festival?

Credits: Parvaaz

Organised by Flynote, the Highlands Festival is a celebration of all things festive and music in Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur, which lies about 4 hours away from Bangalore, is known for its rolling green hills and historical Hoysala architecture. 

However, as the sundown of 2019 arrives the quiet hills are sure to take a life of their own and become the site of the biggest, best, and the most rocking party of the year. 

Credits: Ritviz

The Highlands Festival 2020 will feature an amazing lineup of renowned artists like DJ Ritviz, GATC, Parvaaz and many more. Along with amazing music, the festival will also feature adventure activities such as camping, hot air ballooning, volleyball, zip-lining and loads of other pursuits guaranteed to keep you on your toes – whether dancing or enjoying an adrenaline rush. We also have some relaxing wellness pursuits like Yoga to up the happiness quotient.

Ok Great, so when is it happening?

Credits: Girish and the Chronicles Facebook page

Well, no prizes for guessing! Since it is a new year celebration,  the Highlands Festival will begin on the morning of 31st Dec 2019 and 11:00 AM and go on until  3:00 PM on 1st January 2020. There is a facility for camping on the premises and tons of activities and stunning music to keep you company.

Awesome! Where is it happening?

The Highlands Festival will take place at the Highland Stay, Devarunda in Sakleshpur district near Bangalore. Located amongst picturesque emerald green escapes, the place will make you fall in love with it as soon as you enter it. An easy 4-hour drive away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore, it is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the last night of 2019 and the first morning of 2020. 

What does it have in store for you?

Credits: Girish and the Chronicles Facebook Page

Day 1: 

The gates for the festival will open on the morning of 31st December at approximately 11:00 AM. Thereafter, until the end of the festival, you can experience a smorgasbord of activities until the gates close the next afternoon. The first day has some amazing bands such as the Unknowns, GATC, Ayah and Parvaz performing until the evening sets. 

Thereafter, enjoy some delicious dinner until the inimitable DJ Ritviz sets the beat for the night and of course, the big bang of the midnight of 2019. Retreat into your camps for the night and enjoy a night of stargazing.

Day 2:

The next morning, enjoy the first and undoubtedly the most glorious sunrise of 2020 and bring in another decade with pomp and vigour. For doing so, you could just embark on a trek to a nearby hill which is sure to fuel your lungs with oxygen and mind with freshness. You can also enjoy a rejuvenating Yoga session to recover from the debauchery of the previous night! This gradually brings us to the end of a party unlike any other. Leave for home with a trunk full of memories and pocket full of experiences.