Here’s Why Greece Should Be On The Top of Your Bucket List

Greece is a country where nature is in complete harmony with its age-old past, where you can catch stunning sunsets over the best gelato in the world, where you can get lost in the colourful alleys and where you will come back, again and again, to find something new every time. Populated with remarkable architecture standing in full glory and depicting stories of the past, Greece is a paradise for travellers looking to explore the country’s history closely. What makes Greece more special is its way of life. Greeks love their heritage, traditions, good food and a great party. If you are still not convinced, then here is a detailed list of 10 reasons why you should visit Greece right now.

Suitable Weather

Greece is blessed with ideal weather almost throughout the year. With temperatures not rising more than 27 degrees, Greece mostly remains sunny for all 12 months, thus making it a year-round destination. Here you can take a dip in the tranquil waters of the ocean in October also.

Pulsating Nightlife

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Be it pre-party or after-party, Greeks love a good party. The country is home to vibrant destinations that are packed with lively clubs and bars, where you can dance your heart out with the locals. The islands of Mykonos and Ios are the lifelines of the nightlife scene in Greece. If you are lucky, you might even get free cocktails!

Islands with Intoxicating Views

You can never get bored of the islands in Greece. There are more than 6000 islands, and each one of them offers glorious views of the natural landscape. Adorned with whitewashed houses with a backdrop of crystal clear waters, Santorini Island is a slice of utopia you cannot miss. Here, you can not only witness the grandeur of nature but also feel the love of locals. The islands of Greece make a perfect getaway for beach vacations.

No dearth of Adventure

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Greece is an ideal mix of slow and fast. If you are looking for something exciting and energetic, there is a lot you can do in Greece. Experience the island life and enjoy as much vitamin sea as possible. Choose from an array of water sports available like kayaking, sailing, surfing and many more. Venture into the interiors for a fun hike or cycling.

Breathtaking Ancient Ruins

Greece has given the world some great thinkers and analysts. It won’t be wrong to say that Greece is the epicentre of modern-day democracy. The country is a historical treasure. Home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Greece has an abundance of well-preserved architectural heritage. A trip to this part of Europe will leave you spell-bound with its extensive collection of the past. Acropolis

Peaceful Countryside

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Head to the rural villages of the country if you are looking for a peaceful escape from the city life. Meet the locals, learn about their culture and practices and taste some authentic dishes that you can never find in the cities. These villages can be reached on a rental car or scooter.

Perfect for Budget Travellers

When it comes to affordability, Greece is a budget-friendly country when compared to other European countries. Be it accommodation, restaurants or transport, everything here can be easily covered under $50 per day if you are on a backpacking trip, which is a good bargain.

Olive Friendly

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Greeks use olives and olive oil in everything. Greece grows and consumes olives in large numbers; Be it for food or massages. If you love olives, you have to visit this place, because Greece is the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of olives and you have got to try some traditional olive based dishes here.

Authentic Greek Cuisine

We have all tried the Greek yoghurt thinking it’s inspired from the Greek cuisine, but sorry to break the myth, it is not. It is just yoghurt. There is so much about the cuisine that the world has not discovered yet. While olives and olive oil are used widely in the local dishes, other key ingredients in the local dishes are honey, nuts and yoghurt. Some of the must-try dishes here are tzatziki, moussaka and Souvlaki.

Excellent Hospitality

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Greeks are friendly, generous and welcoming people. The community thrives on good people and good food. Their hospitality is undoubtedly well-known. Language is never a barrier here because Greeks know the language of love and respect.

‘By Sonal Agarwal’