Here Is How You Can Up Your GoPro Game With These Simple Hacks

One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves on an adrenaline-pumped adventure or a family vacation is: “How do I click the best picture to remember my journey?”. When you look at other people’s social media profiles, you are tempted to upload a bunch of your favorites. The dilemma, always, is- how to turn your wish into a reality. The answer to this confusing thought is a GoPro camera.

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A GoPro is a blend of customized design and durability. It is the perfect camera to capture and record extreme adventure sports or a relaxing vacation with your family. GoPro’s ability to capture cinematic, time lapse videos, Burst shot and Live Burst images makes it an essential for every travel junkie.

However, understanding the nuances can be difficult and confusing for all those not familiar with holding a camera. Here are a few hacks that will help you to up your GoPro game and capture stunning visuals on your journey.

Buy the right GoPro mount

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 If you are an avid traveler, a GoPro mount is something that you need during an adventure. The correct mount will give you the opportunity to record the best parts of your journey without any hassle. You can simultaneously enjoy the view on your biking trails, road trips and film everything with mount’s specially designed for helmets.

For all those interested in capturing stunning sunsets and picturesque backdrops, a tripod mount is also available to give a much-needed boost to the quality of your picture.

Use external filters to give the perfect lighting

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 Use customized external filters to have the perfect lighting for a picture or video. There are multiple filters you can choose to capture the moment just the way you wanted it. If underwater photography or filming is your thing, use the red filter to eliminate the blue-green color cast which tends to influence the real picture.

 You can also try out the Neutral density filter which has the ability to slow down the shutter speed and give the desired blur effect.

Make desired changes with Protune

GoPro comes with Protune, a feature that is not known to many people. It will give you the ability to make the desired changes to pictures/footage by modifying settings like white balance, sharpness, shutter speed, ISO etc.

This feature comes in handy for travel bloggers shooting a short film or a documentary. Protune can be accessed from the official GoPro app.

Burst and Time lapse feature

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The burst shot feature helps you capture multiple pictures in quick succession. To fully utilize this feature, make sure your GoPro camera is still.

If you want to capture a meteor shower or a video from dusk to dawn, Time Lapse Mode will record and create a fast-moving sequence of the live scene. So, when you play the video at its normal speed, the frames will move faster and thus create a time lapse.

Watch tutorials

If you are a beginner and want to use your GoPro to its utmost potential, YouTube is the best way to learn and understand the nuances of using a camera in a simplified manner.

There are numerous videos available that will teach you how to go by the book. Other will teach you to adjust the settings, how to film videos in different settings and terrains etc. Only search for videos that will help you in the long run and up your GoPro game.

Use the official GoPro app

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The official app helps you share videos and pictures and remotely access your camera. This is an amazing addition for all those who want a picture-perfect moment with family and friends. GoPro app allows you to view all recorded and clicked footage right on your phone. This allows you to choose what you want to offload beforehand.

One of the most interesting features is that the app transfers photos and videos from the camera to your phone. The captured footage is automatically modified into a shareable format and size. A travel enthusiast can also live stream his/her journey on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc.

Curated by Ruchit Rastogi