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Here Are 7 Places in India You Can Visit After the COVID-19 Crisis

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You had your bucket lists ready for a great vacation, but unfortunately things took a different turn. The whole world has gone under a lock down due to the coronavirus outbreak, and traveling now, seems like a delusion. And, before you know it, your tickets were cancelled, and you are stuck at home. We bet self-quarantine was not on your bucket list!

We know that you are bored and beaten, and sad to even look at that bucket list. But, it’s alright, as these days will soon pass. Before you know it, you will be up and traveling again! In the meantime, while you are at home, here are a few places to tick off the bucket list as soon as this madness is over!


Plan a vacation to the only place in South India to have received snowfall in the past to relax with your loved ones in a chilly weather. The temperature in this quaint and picturesque village has dropped to zero in the winter months and people have flocked here to click ‘picture perfect’ pictures.

South India’s winter abode is located in Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh and is fondly called ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’. Lambasingi is also known as Korra Bayalu in the local language i.e. “if someone stays out in the open, they would freeze like a stick”.


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Just 50 km north of Trivandrum lies the calm and pristine coastal town of Varkala. Perched along the edge of palm-covered red cliffs, Varkala seems to have established itself as a retreat for all those who want to flock to a town with golden sandy beaches .

It is a perfect blend of past and the present. If you wish to be transported back to the ancient Indian era’s then visit Janardanaswamy Temple. You stay in the present and enjoy the hippie culture, settle into one of the beach shacks with a glass of chilled cocktail and just relax.


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Mechuka is a quaint little hill station nestled in the Shi-Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh. Not known to many people, Mechuka Festival is an event that has adventure sports activities such as rock climbing, river crossing, mountain biking. So, all the adventure hungry people can head to this little town to get their fill of Adrenalin.

For all those who like being in the kitchen, they can learn the art of making delicious momos with the Memba tribe. Travelers can also sit down and relax with a glass of locally produced Millet beer as Millet is the only group that thrives in Mechuka.


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Kalimpong is an east India hill town nestled in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal. The tourist destination gained prominence because of its colonial-era buildings such as the hilltop Durpin Monastery, MacFarlane Memorial Church, Zang Dhok Palri Phodang.

This place is an ideal destination with a temperate climate to just unwind with your family and friends. Paranormal enthusiasts can quench their thirst of exploring spooky places such as the Haunted Morgan House.


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Landour is a British-era cantonment town named after a village called Llanddowror in south-west Wales. It is home to Ivy Cottage, the place where Ruskin Bond wrote stories everyone has grown up reading.

People with a sweet tooth can come and indulge in Cinnamon waffles and Nutella pancakes at the Char Dukan area. Landour bakehouse and Café Ivy are two most popular places to satisfy your taste buds.


Malpe is a beautiful beach town in the Udupi district in Karnataka. It is a natural port and a major fishing harbour on the Southern coast. One of the main tourist attractions of this place is the Malpe Beach with serene waters and clear blue skies.

A visit to Malpe is incomplete without exploring St. Mary’s Island which is made up of volcanic rocks. Foodies can indulge themselves in authentic sea food such as Crab masala fry, Prawn malai curry, Deep fried oysters, Rawa fried mussels.

Hemis National Park

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Tucked in the beautiful valleys of Ladakh, Hemis National Park is one of Asian natural habitats of the Snow Leopard. Travelers plan a trip to this snow laden high-altitude National Park to witness the exotic variety of Fauna such as the Great Tibetan Sheep, Tibetan Wolf etc.

If you are willing to get yourself acquainted with Buddhist culture heritage then visit the Hemis Monastery built before the 11th century .

Adventure junkies can go on a trek to Gotsang Gumpa and rejuvenate themselves. This trek will take you to a place tucked away from the world and untouched by human civilization.

Curated by Ruchit Rastogi