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Heaven on Earth – A Gorgeous Luxury Stay at OBLU by Atmosphere, Maldives

Traveling is the best way to cleanse your soul. With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is nervous and stressed out, and in dire need of a break. The current situation has slightly relaxed so you know what? Pack your bags, book your tickets, and head out. Take a break from your schedule and unravel in mother earth’s splendid glory. A bit of nature will do you good! 

OBLU by Atmosphere
Source: obluhelengeli

OBLU by Atmosphere – A slumbering paradise for nature lovers!

OBLU by Atmosphere
Source: obluhelengili

Located on the picturesque island of Helengeli, the Maldives, OBLU by Atmosphere stands lone, an impressive figure against the backdrop of this piece of paradise. The island itself undergoes a natural makeover every season, with marine wonders like turtles, sharks, and lobsters being the regular visitors. OBLU by Atmosphere is a grand beach villa that overlooks this splendid island, just a couple of hours and you’ll realize why OBLU by Atmosphere and the Maldives are so beloved! 

Why OBLU by Atmosphere is one of the best beach villas in the Maldives!

OBLU by Atmosphere
Source: obluhelengili

Helengeli is a popular and beloved name in the Maldives. Locals and regular tourists alike swear by its natural bounty. OBLU by Atmosphere simply enhances this glory, gives it a subtle finishing touch, if you may. The villa itself reflects the colorful and rich natural diversity of the island- OBLU by Atmosphere is a beach marvel that’s easy on the eyes as well as the pockets! 

A handful of metres away from OBLU Maldives, you’ll gaze at their house reef- a magnanimous collection of marine life protected by the island and the beach villa. It is here that you can take a break, sip on a delicious cocktail, and contemplate the beauty of life. 

OBLU by Atmosphere is a gorgeous beach villa that highlights the Maldives in the best possible way- simple but effective touches to an already exciting and heavenly island. Their well-crafted architecture, intricate decor, and mind-blowing cuisine will continue to tempt every traveler to stay for a few more days! 

A Gastronomic affair on your plate – OBLU Maldive’s Best Kept Secret 

OBLU by Atmosphere
Source: obluhelengeli

The Spice is OBLU Maldive’s ace card. This exquisite restaurant singlehandedly serves some of the best food on the entire island, praise backed by its longstanding reputation amidst its patrons. This a-la-carte dining experience coupled with a splendid view of the sea will spark a romantic flame unlike any other! 

Helen’s Bar & Pool is another key highlight of OBLU by Atmosphere Maldives. An electrifying bar that sets the mood for the night; it’s THE place to be if you want to let your hair down, grab a few drinks, and party till the sun rises again! 

Another extremely delectable feature of OBLU by Atmosphere is the villa’s range of house wines. Ask for recommendations and you shall be stunned by how rich, complex, and delicious every glass on your table stands. Truly a feast for your tastebuds! 

OBLU by Atmosphere – an affordable glimpse of heaven!

OBLU by Atmosphere
Source: obluhelengeli

You’d think a luxury 4-star beach villa stay would have you sweating as you fumble for the bill, however, relax. OBLU by Atmosphere emphasises on two things – organic stay and sustainable stay expenses. Although not exactly cheap, the accommodation rates are surprisingly affordable, check this out! 

A private beach villa for two nights will cost you around 60k INR, inclusive of food and other amenities. A private villa with a pool will cost you around 75k INR, again, inclusive of all the amenities. Both the properties offer splendid views and privacy, with supreme room service. Considering the beautiful location, lip-smacking food, and cozy rooms, OBLU by Atmosphere offers incredible deals that provide some serious competition to its contemporaries! 

Best time to visit OBLU by Atmosphere, Maldives

Source: obluhelengeli

Although the Maldives and especially the Helengini island are worth experiencing year-round, a few specific months transform this slumbering beauty into a frolicking natural wonder. 

OBLU by Atmosphere has taken into consideration the weather and other atmospheric conditions, which is why they will always recommend you to visit them from November to April. These months are especially perfect for experiencing the aquatic animals that often begin their long journey from the Maldives to the North, and the other way round. 

Get ready to play at OBLU by Atmosphere, Maldives

Source: obluhelengeli

Helengeli might be a snoozing island, however, OBLU by Atmosphere is an electrifying place that especially comes alive when the sun takes the dip. As aforementioned, Helen’s Pool and Bar is the highlight at night, you’ll run into fellow party animals; dance, grab a drink, exchange stories, and feel the connection! 

OBLU by Atmosphere has also collaborated with TGI Helengeli, a premium diving school that can help you to experience the marine world unlike any other! Snorkeling, channel diving, watersports, motorboat riding are just a few adrenaline-rushed activities conducted and supervised by TGI Helengeli. 

You’ll be accompanied by an experienced instructor. Apart from learning and practicing your snorkeling and diving, you will learn more about the island and its marine life.

Helengeli and OBLU, Maldives calls, but how do you get there? 

Now that the island and this exquisite beach villa has tempted you to get there, how do you reach OBLU by Atmosphere, Maldives? 

Flights from Delhi and Mumbai will charter you to the Maldives. It is a picturesque and brisk flight wherein the view from the plane window will have you reeling in excitement. Upon reaching the Male International Airport, a speedboat (courtesy of OBLU by Atmosphere) will bring you to Helengeli. 

A collection of 116 villas peppered all across this heavenly island will greet you after 50 minutes. Take in the view and smile- you’re in paradise. 

OBLU by Atmosphere, Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and picturesque places to be at. This incredible beach villa will have you dreading the return flight, and rightly so! Call your friends or your significant other right now. Check the calendar, and get ready to experience an island that still feels like it’s frozen in time! 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange 

Image credits – Agoda