The First Long Weekend of 2020 is coming up! Here’s Your Guide to Planning the Rest of Them

The year is almost over and its time for you to get your planners out and fulfil your travel dreams. Get that bucket list out and go ahead and tick those travel goals.

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Long Weekends in 2020 are just around the corner and here is your one-stop-shop to sort out your travel and weekend plans. Tick items off your bucket list and satiate your wanderlust with this exhaustive list that can not only help you sort your travel plans for the coming year. 

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There are 12 Long Weekends and as we all know – The early bird takes the worm. So, grab yourself a cuppa and read up on this list of holidays that we have put together for you. To make things easier, we are also providing you with a list of places that you can visit to make your holiday plans for 2020 easier than ever before. 

February 2020

Pour yourself into work for January so that you can take a well-earned vacation in February 2020. Say Boom! And take a long break of 4 days from 21-24 February.

  • 21st Feb 2019: Friday – Mahashivratri (Regional Holiday)
  • 22nd Feb 2019: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 23rd Feb 2019: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 24 Feb 2019: Monday (Losar) (Regional Holiday)

Where to Go: Undoubtedly, for the Shiv Bhakts, the place to be in February 2020 is the Magh Mela in Prayagraj (Allahabad). Modelled on the lines of the Kumbh Mela held in 2019, it is envisioned to be among the most well-organized gathering of people with the least amount of chaos.

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Another great place to visit in February is Goa – the queen of the west coast. The month of February falls in the off-season for this coastal paradise. The rates are affordable, the weather – cool and breezy and the heat of the summers is yet to set in. The white salt plains of the Rann of Kutch are also a great vacation spot as you can partake in the Rann Festival celebrations held between December – February.

March 2020

March in India is the time when all the colours descend upon the earth. The atmosphere is decked up in hues of the spring – green, yellow, red, pink and even bright orange. The festival of Holi also marks the beginning of the harvest season and people celebrate with unmatched enthusiasm.

  • 7th March 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 8th March 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 9th March 2020: Holi (Holiday)
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Where to Go
The best places to witness the Holi celebrations In India are Vrindavan, Udaipur, and Mathura – which is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. You could also visit Goa during the first week of March to witness the Shigmo Festival or travel farther on the Konkan Coast to Velas to see the beauty of nature at Velas Turtle Festival. If you want to hide from the touristy, overcrowded places there is no better option than Wayanad – a hill station in the southern hills of the Western Ghats. 

April 2020: 

April, in most regions, signifies the beginning of the months of summer.  It also signifies the harvest season for farmers in the North of India. The festival of Vaisakhi usually falls in April and is a regional holiday for many.

  • 10th April 2020: Good Friday (Friday)
  • 11th April 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 12th April 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 13th April 2020: Monday (Vaisakhi)

Where to Go
April in India is the best time to visit the mountains of the North and there is no better place than Uttarakhand to be spellbound by their beauty. It is the land of the Panchachuli – the five regal peaks as well as Nanda Devi and Cahukhamba mountains. The paths to these peaks are lined with rolling meadows filled with rhododendrons on all sides. You could also plan a trip to the more popular destinations such as Manali, Shimla, or Tosh in Himachal Pradesh. If the north is too far to make it go down south to the coffee plantations of Chikmagalur or the tea estates at Munnar and Valparai. You can also witness the authentic Baisakhi celebrations in Punjab that signal the beginning of the harvest season.

May 2020

The month of May brings with it the sweet scent of Summer. The king of fruits – Mango is in season and people step into the holiday mood despite the scorching heat. 

  • 1st May 2020: Labour Day/Maharashtra Diwas (Friday)
  • 2nd May 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 3rd May 2020: Sunday (Holiday)
  • 23rd May 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 24th May 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 25th May 2020: Eid-ul- Fitr (Gazetted Holiday)
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Where to Go
The Month of May is among the top months to vacation in India. As the schools break for summer, families pack up their bags in search of greener and colder lands of North India. If you want to skip the crowds, head to Old Manali or the hippie lands of Dharamkot and Bhagsu. If you are in the mood for love, what better place could there be than the place where even the Gods rest – Kashmir.

July 2020

July traditionally doesn’t have too many festivals in India. However, if you do manage to have an off on the day of Bakr Eid or Eid-ul-Adha, which falls on the last Friday of the Month, you can club it with the off for Rakhi that falls on the 3rd of August. This will allow you to enjoy a long and relaxing break of 4 days.

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Where to Go
If you do manage to get a long holiday in July, head to the undulating slopes of the Sahyadris. Go trekking, hiking, and exploring various forts and hills. Make sure the forecast is clear as Maharashtra can experience extreme bouts of rain and floods. If history is what is calling out to you, there can be no better place than Hampi or the land of the kings – Rajasthan. The weather is not too hot and the landscapes on the way to these places are unparalleled.

August 2020

August brings with it the fresh smell of the wet earth as almost all of India blossoms under the spell of monsoons. The landscapes are bedecked with various shades of green and nature appears to be at its best. This month also arrives with a huge list of long weekends so make sure you make your bookings in advance.

  • 1st August 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 2nd August 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 3rd August 2020: Monday (Rakhi) (Regional Holiday)
  • 21st August 2020: Friday (Onam) (Regional Holiday)
  • 22nd August 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 23rd August 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 29th August 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 30th August 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 31st August 2020: Monday (Take a leave)
  • 1st September 2020: Ganesh Chaturdashi/ Visarjan (Regional Holiday)
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Where to Go
During this month, the festival of Onam calls for a flurry of celebrations all over the state of Kerala. The weather too is ideal for a monsoon adventure. The merrymaking lasts for well over 4 days, sometimes even a week. Munch on the authentic Sadya – a meal fit for the kings with over 25-30 items. Thiruvananthapuram is the best place to witness the celebrations. Nature is bedecked in all its glory in Kodaikanal – the land of green pastures and apple orchards, head here to party with the best that the jade green forests have to offer. You can also witness the grandeur of the Ganpati celebrations in Pune and Mumbai with Dhol-Tashas and grand tableaus. 

October 2020

As a chill in the air sets in, the winter season makes its presence felt along with a few stray showers of the retreating Monsoon. It is one of the best seasons to witness the beauty of the country as the chill has not fully set in and the rains aren’t strong enough to obstruct travel plans.

  • 2nd October 2020: Friday (Gandhi Jayanti) (Government Holiday)
  • 3rd October 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 4th October 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 29th October 2020: Thursday (Eid-e-Milad) (Restricted Holiday)
  • 30th October 2020: Take a Leave
  • 31st October 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 1st October 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
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Where to Go
Heed the call of the wild this October, set off towards the wilderness of the Agumbe rainforest or the evergreen pines and the Nilgiris of Dandeli and Anshi wildlife sanctuaries. While you are on your southern sojourn, head to the hippie paradise of Varkala where you can appreciate the aquamarine waves in weather that is low on humidity and extremely pleasant. 

November 2020:

Unfortunately, November in 2020 is not a blessing when it comes to holidays. While some regions do have a week-long holiday for Diwali, you may need to check your holiday calendars first to plan the same. However, since most schools have a holiday for the festival, the usual vacation hotspots are overbooked. Why not indulge in a staycation at a luxury resort back home itself? However, if you do wish to go somewhere special to witness the glory of the festival, head to Varanasi to marvel at the Dev Deepavali celebrations or to Kolkata to pay your respects at the Kali Puja.

December 2020

‘Tis the season to be jolly as winters, Christmas and New Year’s Eve come knocking on the door. It is the peak of the chilly weather and as warm woollens are taken out of the cupboards so are warm memories with friends and family. December is also the month of weddings for many in India and travelling around for the same is the norm. Honeymoon destinations across the country and abroad beckon to newlyweds in love and winter vacations are spent at warmer locations or snowy mountains.

  • 25th December 2020: Friday (Christmas) (Holiday)
  • 26th December 2020: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 27th December 2020: Sunday (Weekend)
  • 31st December 2020: Take a Leave
  • 1st January 2021: Friday (Holiday)
  • 2nd January 2021: Saturday (Weekend)
  • 3rd January 2021: Sunday (Weekend)
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Where to Go
Undoubtedly, Goa is THE place to be to get into the celebratory spirit of Christmas. As you drive through palm-fringed streets you can see all the houses decked up for celebrations with twinkling lights, nativity tableaus and poinsettia flowers. The carol singing can be heard merging with the waves and the atmosphere is that of frolic and happiness. You can also head to Delhi or even Kolkata to experience the perfect winter chill. If you are the adventurous kind, you can feel the thrill of skiing at Auli in Uttarakhand.

As it is often said, the best time to truly start living your life is TODAY! So, get those travel planners out, sort your leaves with the HR and just get going.