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Here Is An Exciting Guide For All Travelers To Endure The COVID-19 Lockdown

At a time when the fear of a Pandemic has sent the entire country on a lockdown, it has become every traveller’s social responsibility to isolate themselves and help keep everyone safe. With the rising number of Coronavirus cases in India, a lot of myths and theories are making rounds. However, healthcare practitioners have made it clear that even if a traveller is tested negative in the beginning, self-quarantine is indispensable if you have a travel history or by chance came in contact with someone suffering from COVID-19, or have associated symptoms. 
Self-isolation is crucial, but it can turn the fun-loving wanderers insane. So, here is a list of exciting things to do for all the travellers. It will help you endure the 21 days of isolation.

Movie Night on the Terrace/Balcony

Rent out a projector (or use a laptop), get your tubs of popcorn and enjoy your favourite movie under the stars. This is a perfect way to forget about the isolation and immerse yourself in a new world altogether. Some of the travel movies that will inspire your wanderlust are Into the Wild and The Way. 

Listen to a Travel Podcast

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Travel podcasts have the power to transport anyone to the beaches, mountain or anywhere one likes. If you are not feeling well but still want to be outdoors, plug in your earphones and transport to the destination you imagined visiting for so long. For starters, listen to The Dirtbag Diaries and The Outdoors Station.

Organise your Backpack

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Being a full-time traveller is not easy. Travellers don’t get time to organise and clean up. When in isolation, there is enough time to declutter and take care of all your travel gears. This way, you can prepare a list of what you need to buy for future travels and what needs to go away. 

Isolation doesn’t Mean No Movement

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It is not a big deal if you cannot go to the gym right now. However, it is important to stay in shape while you stay away from the world. There is so much you can do at home. Fitness enthusiasts around the world have been posting videos on different techniques of workout from home. Try them. Yoga is another great way to calm your nerves during this time. 

Read for Inspiration

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Travellers rarely get time to stop and read. If you enjoy reading but never found time to complete that book lying on the shelf, it is now time to do that. Read up some travel blogs on the world wide web or finally make use of the magazine subscription you made last month. Go back to comics, for some fun read or try self-help books for some motivation. Travel books that might interest you are The Adventurer’s Guide to Britain by Jen and Sim Benson and Found: A Life in Mountain Rescue by By Bree Loewen.

Learn a Language/Skill

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Being productive during isolation is difficult, but you can get away with it by trying something that will help you in all your future endeavours. Knowing a regional language can never be a waste of time; In fact, it is a bonus if you are planning to travel to the same region where it comes from. Take online classes on anything that interests you like designing, editing and marketing. 

Get in Touch with Your Loved Ones

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Every traveller is used to the rants on keeping in touch. Now that you have nothing to do, it is now time to reach out to your old pals and ask them how they are keeping up. If travelling has made it difficult for you to maintain your relations, then use this time to talk to your loved ones and let them know they are important. 

Try Gardening

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While you are away from the real world, might as well make use of it. Order in some saplings, some gardening accessories and get going. Planting can help you relax and take away mind from the current chaos in the world. 

Make a Travel Album

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Every traveller has a bunch of pictures lying around and never finds time to organise them. During this self-isolation, bring back the old art supplies from storage and make a creative album with all your travel pictures. Adding to this, you can also upload the long-pending pictures on your social media feed. 

Plan your next trip

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It is important to stay positive at this point of time. When in isolation, you can start researching on new places. Choose the next destination you wish to go and start preparing early. 

‘Curated by Sonal Agarwal’