5 Treks in Vietnam to Give You Major Adventure Goals

From wildlife to the towering peaks, Vietnam has a lot in store for those who love trekking. While some of the treks are only for avid trekkers, there are a few which can interest novices. Trekking in Vietnam is one of the most challenging experiences. The beautiful landscape and the wildlife add to the thrill of these treks.

So today let’s find out about these treks that you can plan for in the coming year!

Nam Cat Tien National Park

The national park is located at a distance of 160 km from Ho Chi Minh City and is one of the most visited locations in Vietnam. Nam Cat Tien is the abode of several species such as the sambar deer, black-shanked douc, and gibbons. You can experience the 3-day trek that focuses mainly on observing gibbons as they go about their daily activities.

Credit – Piqsel

Cao Bang

Cao Bang trek is more than just climbing a hill, the most fascinating thing about this trek is the tribal communities that you come across en route to the summit. Hmong, Tay, Nung, Red Dapo, and the Pac Bo Village are some of the tribal hamlets that you will pass by during the trek. As you observe these communities and their culture in their natural habitat, the largest waterfall in Vietnam – Ban Gioc Waterfall will enchant you with its beauty. It’s one of the easy treks in Vietnam that also offers some breathtaking view of Ba Be National Park. Also, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit since there are plenty of ponds and lakes on this route.

Credit – Pixabay


Treks in Sapa showcase the culture and traditions of Vietnam for avid trekkers. It is one of the most challenging treks that not only tests your capabilities but also allows you to explore the local cuisines and culture through homestays. You will be starting this difficult trek from Muong Hum Commune which lets you explore remote communities like Dao and Giay, and White Hmong. Further, you will move towards the Nam Pung Village followed by a week-long trek while passing by some more communes. The beauty of this trek is found in its hidden cultures and the beautiful valleys.

Credit – Flickr

Bach Moc Loung Tu Mount

Standing tall at a height of 3046 meters, Bach Moc Loung Tu Mountain is the fourth highest peak in this southeast Asian country. It’s a challenging trek that takes 3 days to complete. The pictures may look all rosy but it has a tricky terrain with dense forest and rocky surfaces creating frequent hurdles for the trekkers. However, in spite of these challenges, trekkers complete this one with fervour especially to witness the magical sunsets. 

Credit – Pixabay

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy trekking in Vietnam. It can be hard to concentrate on your trek as you will be distracted by the stunning mountain passes and valleys. Dong Van to Meo Vac is one of the famous trekking routes in Vietnam and also a challenging one. The beauty of the Vietnamese landscape can be experienced from Ma Pi Leng Pass. The limestone peaks and canyons together paint a beautiful picture of the landscape.

Credit – Pixabay

Trekking in Vietnam lets you explore the hidden culture and natural secrets of a country. As long as you keep your trail clean and don’t damage the ecosystem, you will be welcomed!

Now stop pondering! It’s time to complete your resolution of an international trip with an adventurous escapade in Vietnam in 2020.