Find Out About The Home of ‘Bagheera’ In Karnataka

India is home to an exotic variety of flora and fauna. It is a paradise for wildlife photographers who capture the most fascinating creatures in the country. They wait for the perfect ‘click’ to capture the most elusive animals in their natural habitat.

Of late, pictures of the majestic and rare creature, a Black panther in Kabini wildlife sanctuary has left everyone mesmerized. These pictures are a testament to what surprises the sanctuary holds for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

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The time is perfect to pack your bags and camera and head to one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries of South India to capture visuals of creatures people can only hope to see. So, head out on a captivating journey in this stunning wildlife destination if you want to capture and have a picture of ‘Bagheera’ on your feed.

Kabini- A part of India’s rich wildlife history

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Nestled on the banks of Kabini River, Kabini wildlife sanctuary is known as the home to rich flora and fauna, lush green landscapes surrounded by large lakes. It is nothing short of a thrill to come across wildlife in a reserve spread over 55 acres of untouched forestland, valleys, and water bodies. The national park is also famous for housing over 250 species of birds.

Kabini wildlife sanctuary is a part of India’s rich history. During British rule, it used to be a private hunting ground of the Kings of the Wodeyar Dynasty, the former rulers of Mysore. It was converted to a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and 3 decades later into a National Park. The wildlife reserve was awarded the status of a Tiger reserve in the year 1999.

Not many people know this, but the wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the South-Eastern area of the Nagarhole National Park.

Home to diverse fauna

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Famed for being a wildlife photographer’s paradise, Kabini National Sanctuary is home to the Sloth bear, leopard, panther, tiger, antelope, sambhar, and a few other Asiatic animals. You can also find elephants roaming around in this natural habitat. A few “chosen” ones also come across the Indian bison.

The sanctuary is completely enveloped in greenery with exotic species of flora adding to its natural beauty. This pristine riverine landscape is a visual treat for all bird watchers as their camera can capture sightings of Malabar pied hornbill, Indian Pitta, Malabar lark. If you are lucky while wandering the park, one might spot the oriental white-backed vulture and other birds such as the Nilgiri wood pigeon.

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Jungle Safari- The best way to witness a nature’s marvel

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Probably the best way to witness this natural marvel. However, it is essential to know that Jeep safari is conducted twice a day on specific routes. Morning safari is recommended if you want to click pictures of animals, who step out in the open for food and water before the temperatures rise. Book your place in an evening safari if you want to spot the majestic leopard or the panther.

The boat is an equally exciting attraction. Gliding through the calm waters will give you a completely different perspective of the dense forest. You will come across various reptiles, animals nesting around waterways. One can even spot a crocodile on the river banks. A sunset ride with your loved ones on board rafts, pedal boats and kayaks is always recommended.

How to reach

If a scenic road trip is your thing, pack your bags and head to Kabini National Park from Bengaluru. The fastest way is via Mysore road.

Distance: 221 km
Time: 5.15 hours

The alternate route will take you via NH75.

Distance: 262 km
Time: 5.45 hours


If you want to travel in comfort, catch a train to Mysore. The Mysuru railway station is 90 km away from the national park. Take the route via Mangalore- Mysore highway and Nagarhole road. You will reach the wildlife reserve in 2.5 hours.


Also, taking a flight is also an option. If you are a domestic traveller, you can fly down to Mysore local airport. The route is via SH 33.

Distance: 94.5 km
Time: 2.5 hours

An International tourist needs to fly down to the International Airport in Bengaluru. The fastest route is via Mysore road.

Distance: 254 km
Time: 6.15 hours

Best time to Visit

Visit between October and May if you want to capture pictures with a stunning backdrop. However, It is not advisable to visit the sanctuary between June and September because of consistent and heavy rainfall.

Best place to stay

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Kabini wildlife sanctuary is a paradise. It is worth a visit to calm down a traveler’s soul. Head to this Nature’s abode and book your stay at the luxurious Evolve Back, Kabini. If you want to shell out money, Kabini River Lodge is the best option to accommodate your visit.

Will this be a trip whose memory does not fade away with time? So, tell us about your experience in the comment section below. We will be glad to listen!

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