Fashion For Bali: Here’s How To Dress in The Beach Paradise

An island with breathtaking views, Bali tops the bucket list of most travellers and honeymooners. Bali truly is the land of stunning beaches, religious sites, scenic rice terraces, a galore of culture and tradition and fragrant cuisine. The island offers perfect mix leisure and adventure. If you are looking for a destination that can charm you with its elaborate temples, endless coastline, gorgeous waterfalls and retreats, then hop to Bali. Here is how to style right when visiting the popular beach destination Bali. 

Things to keep in mind while dressing in Bali

Dress For The Weather

Since Bali is a tropical island, it has two main seasons- dry season and rainy season. It is recommended that you dress as per the weather and pack accordingly. If you are planning to visit between October to the end of March, then be ready for rains and winds. Make sure that you carry a lightweight rain jacket to bear the downpour especially when you are riding a bike to get around. 

The sun can get really hot during the dry season so make sure you have ample cotton and light coloured clothes to help you bear the heat. Bali street fashion is casual and cool, perfect for just hanging out by the beach with your friends drinking some ice-cold Bintang.

Wear The Right Footwear 


You can never go wrong with flip-flops in Bali as they are great for hanging out by the beach. You can also opt for sandals because they’re easy to strap on and take off as well. Pack a pair of sneakers or good hiking boots for your hiking trip as flip-flops are just not sturdy enough for jungle or mountain treks.

Dress according to Bali’s culture

While you can dress the way you want in Bali, be a little sensitive while visiting temples. It is believed that Balinese society is also more conservative than Western society, especially in temples or rural areas. While there are no strict rules, just make sure you dress modestly.

(Curated by Priya Pareek)