EU Bans Entry to Schengen Regions – Update

The European Union has enforced temporary travel restrictions to all EU states and at least 26-state Schengen passport-free travel zones.

What does the ban mean?

The ban was enforced to cover all non-essential visits from third countries. It was intended to be for a period of 30 days until 27th April 2020 but is likely to be prolonged till May 15. (Source: Schengen Visa Info). The ban will not cause any problem to people planning to go home or cross-border workers unless the member states have implemented a flight ban.

Schengen Visa

How will the ban affect travellers?

The ban will restrict all non-essential travel to the Schengen areas. Furthermore,  non-Schengen countries of Ireland, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria have also implemented the lockdown, which is likely to be extended.

Travelling amidst the Schengen Visa Ban

Keep an eye out for travel advisories being issued by government authorities. For now, at an individual level  – practice social distancing, stay away from rumours and panic and wash your hands frequently. Make sure you monitor your health constantly. 

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