8 Signs That Show You Love Your Comfort Zone But Want to Travel Too!

Travelling the world is all about creating memories and putting yourself out there. From making new friends to learning about different cultures and becoming a better person, travelling can be an enriching experience. While you love travelling, you get put off thinking about the amount of planning and organizing that goes with it. If any of these signs mentioned below sound familiar to you, then you are what the travelling world knows as a “Lazy Traveller”.

You have never seen a sunrise in another city

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Unless it happened after a night out of partying or stumbling back to your room with a hangover, waking up to see a sunrise isn’t your thing. Vacations usually mean sleeping in late and waking up around lunch, no matter how much you have heard about the beautiful sunrise or early morning activities in the city.

You never do your own research

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Going through multiple websites and scouting for offbeat locations yourself seems like a task when it can easily be done by paying a few extra bucks to the local travel agent or asking your friend to do it. The only time you have ended up doing half-hearted research, you probably have at least one horror story of being stranded in a distant land. 

Your mobile data keeps running out

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The first thing you do before leaving for a trip or reaching the local airport is getting a mobile plan to stay connected with your social life back home. You are someone who cannot disconnect from the online world and keeps updating your social profiles or watching movies instead of taking in the beauty around you.

You always end up cutting it too close

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You end up losing track of time while binging on your favourite series or forget the extra time needed due to the ongoing roadwork on the way. On most trips, you end up rushing before they close the gates since you always forget to do the web check-in before your trip.

You never make a packing list

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Have you ever found yourself panicking during the trip after forgetting to pack the travel adaptor or the much-needed warm clothes during your trip? From carrying too much baggage to forgetting the essentials, you have probably ended up paying extra at least once to buy forgotten stuff abroad, simply because you did not make a packing list.

You end spending most of your time in your hotel room

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A lot of people make extensive lists of things to do during their travel to socialise and learn new things about the city. You simply can’t comprehend where they get all that energy from. To you, vacations are meant to end up sleeping and ordering room service from the comforts of your hotel room.

You don’t remember most things from your travel

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When someone asks you on the places you visited during your trip a week or a month later, you struggle with their names and activities. After all, the surrounding mountains and the view from the top may look incredible but living in your imaginative world is a much more exciting experience for you.

You end up overspending on your trip

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It may feature on every must-see travel list, however, unless there is a direct bus or a private transport, you won’t travel there. From last-minute expensive travel bookings to private pick-up and drop options, you always over exceed your planned budget for the trip.

If you have just found out that you are a lazy traveller, then you know what? It is completely okay! After all, travel is about doing what you want and not just about what you should do.