What is Happening to the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field!

In the past couple of years, the North Magnetic Pole has inched away from Canada towards Siberia, Russia. According to reports, the magnetic pole has been covering a distance of more than 50 km every year and is continuing to move towards Russia.

According to recent reports by European Space Agency, the earth’s magnetic field is losing its power between Africa and South America. However, the weakening of the pole is not happening at a rapid pace. In addition to this, the global electromagnetic field has weakened 9 % in the last 200 years.

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Reports of weakening of the magnetic field between Africa and South America has come to light in the year 2020. This event is being termed as the South Atlantic Anomaly. The SAA is an area where Earth’s inner Van Allen radiation belt is in very close proximity to this planet’s surface. It falls down to an altitude of 200 km.

According to reports, South Atlantic Anomaly is being monitored by European Space Agency satellites. A team of researchers have reportedly stated that change in flow of molten lava in Earth’s inner core has changed the power of the negative magnetic flux. This has weakened the magnetic pole present under Canada and that is why one can notice movement of the North Pole over the Canadian Arctic to Russia.

Another plausible reason given by European Space Agency could be South and North Poles switching positions i.e. Earth’s magnetic field is going through a phase of reversing.

Weakened magnetic field could affect communication systems

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Earth’s magnetic field shields everyone from solar winds of the sun. A few creatures such as turtles and fishes use this field for the purpose of navigation. Weakening of the magnetic field could affect the smartphone navigation systems.

Satellite and telecommunication systems all over the world are dependent on this planet’s geomagnetic field. Therefore, a decrease in strength of the magnetic fields could cause issues for all devices.

What is a Geomagnetic field?

A geomagnetic field stretches from earth’s inner core to space and puts pressure on the particles released from the sun. The magnetic field is generated by electric currents due to convection currents (heat transfer due to mass movement of molecules within fluids) of a mixture of molten and nickel in the outer core.

The Northern lights are also a product of the magnetic field of the earth. Aurora borealis is a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind.

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