Don’t just Feel the Vibe, Recreate it with Vibe City!

The cities we live in are far more than just the bustling metropolises that we call home or ones that eventually become home. We move houses, we move places, we move jobs until eventually change becomes the only constant. However, there is one place that resonates with you more than any other. A city whose pulse becomes your heartbeat and whose vibe pulls you closer – no matter if you are miles away! The unprecedented times we live in have forced us to pump our hearts with nostalgia for THAT city.


Vibe”, is an explorer’s headrush in the middle of a pandemic. It is refusing to be trapped and continuing to learn about your home, your city and yourself. Put the seatbelt on, and get ready because we are taking you to “Vibe City”. Explore your own home through the comfort of your couch. 

Vibe City

So, what IS Vibe City? Vibe City is a series of live explorations with the culture-makers and shapers of your favourite cities. These iconic personalities will not only take you through the best that the city has to offer but will also help you recreate the same experiences at home and finally order what you have seen been made or created by them! It is here that you will watch, learn, and yes even experience the best that it has to offer.


The first in this series of cultural and culinary adventures is our very own – Bengaluru, The City of Gardens, The City of Lakes, and The City of the Future. The culture of Bangalore is characterized by its strong affinity to its history while still growing taller and stronger to meet the future. The city has effortlessly concocted a vibe that is heady, rooted, modern, and yet in touch with heritage!


The Bengaluru edition of Vibe City will see the best of the food and lifestyle shapers of the city interact with the audience. Each episode will be a Masterclass with the Creator where they will meticulously take you through each aspect of their creation along with your host. This will be followed by an interactive session with the host and the creator, where you can ask them the silliest question and most profound doubts and finally, a chance to order what you have just seen been made or created and enjoy it right from the comfort of your home. A bite of nostalgia, a touch of class and a whole lot of knowledge make this experience one that is truly unprecedented.

What To Look Forward To!

Right from baking a Garlic Pao at home from scratch to growing a hydroponic garden right in your backyard and from making your own burgers to sustainable beauty products, there is something for everyone! Just register yourself and make the city you love come alive! Vibe City Bengaluru will be a series of 10 episodes, each one exploring a theme that is close to the heart of a true blue Bangalorean. 

Bengaluru Bakes with Chef Avin Thaliath

The first episode is slated to be aired on July 7th and we will be bringing you a Masterclass with the co-founder of Lavonne Bakery and a Chef Par Excellence Dr. Avin Thaliath! He will be taking you through the process of making Garlic Pao and the delectable Honey Cake. You will also have an opportunity to interact with him and finally, order the VERY DELICACIES THAT YOU SAW BEING MADE! 

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