Coronavirus Update – Maldives

Here’s the Coronavirus update from Maldives on how the COVID-19 situation is unfolding.

What’s Happening Right now?

As of 6th April 2020, Maldives has 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country with no casualties. All of them are foreign nationals. The resorts on four islands of Kuredu, Vilamendhoo, Sandies Bathala and Kuramathi are on lockdown after confirmed cases were detected there.

Precautions Being taken by Government

At the moment, Maldives is not possible for Indians as all the visas have been suspended by the Indian government until further notice. No cruise or cargo ships are allowed to dock on its coasts. A mandatory Health Declaration Card has also been put in place by the local authorities among other measures.

Travelling to Maldives

Keep an eye out for travel advisories being issued by government authorities. For now, at an individual level  – practice social distancing, stay away from rumors and panic, and wash your hands frequently. Make sure you monitor your health constantly. 

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