Coronavirus: Have You Been Infected, How Would You Know And What Should You Do?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Coronavirus symptoms vary in every case and there are many people in countries who might have contracted the disease without being tested positive for it.

Most people will experience very mild symptoms such as running nose fatigue etc and recover without receiving medical treatment. Here are ways to determine if you have contracted the coronavirus before and how should you act once you find out.

Have you contracted COVID-19 before?

Yes, there are ways to find out if someone has been infected with coronavirus in the past or not. One way is through a serological test. This test will allow doctors to test blood samples for certain antibodies against COVID-19. However, antibody tests are under the development phase and are not being extensively used in clinical trials yet.

Could you have been asymptomatic?

It is difficult to find out if someone has contracted coronavirus but shows no symptoms of it. A few asymptomatic people will have no idea that they are sick as compared to people with very mild symptoms- sore throat, runny nose etc.

Some of the asymptomatic cases have been confirmed by conducting tests on people who were in close proximity to COVID-19 patients. According to information released by the WHO, 25% people continued to show no symptoms in follow-up tests.

Are asymptomatic people contagious?

According to health experts, a number of asymptomatic people are active carries for some amount of time. The time frame is not known because the kind of testing required for asymptomatic cases is not widely available. Even after the virus starts to die in a person’s body and symptoms subside, he/she can infect people over the next couple of days.

Should you behave differently?

It is difficult to determine if someone has contracted the disease unless he/she is symptomatic. You can also know through thorough tests and diagnosis. Don’t stop practicing social distancing and hygiene measures. Also, wear masks to protect yourself from known symptoms and people who might be asymptomatic.

Is it necessary to tell people?

If you think that at one point you were symptomatic and came in contact with people, it is imperative to tell them about it. Alerting people is beneficial because they will be able to self-isolate and prevent further spread of the virus. However, if someone has been in contact with an infected person for more than 14 days, they would have already gotten sick.

Can you get sick again?

Someone with a strong immune system will be able to combat the infection in a better way as compared to a person with an underlying illness. According to reports, people have tested positive for coronavirus a second time. This called into question the measures undertaken by China to combat the deadly virus.

Curated by Ruchit Rastogi