Coronavirus: Checking Facts and Busting Myths

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally, a host of misinformation and half-truths has flooded the internet. To save you from the hassle, here are some myths busted by WHO and experts to help keep you informed!

Myth: Coronavirus cannot be transmitted in hot and humid climate

Reality: COVID-19 can be transmitted in all areas. As a result, it has spread to more than 200 countries irrespective of weather and climate.

Myth: Social isolation is only for the high-risk and elderly

Reality: The goal of social distancing is to slow down transmission of coronavirus. Avoid sick people or isolate if you have any symptoms. This will reduce infection and protect those at high risk.

Source: Unsplash

Myth: Only crowded places need to be avoided

Reality: Avoid crowded places with high risk factors. Stay away from extremely remote areas as they have limited healthcare facilities and resources.

Myth: Sneezing and coughing are the only COVID-19 carriers

Reality: There are three modes of transmission- contact with contaminated surfaces, aerial droplets and breathing in the airborne virus.

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