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Coronavirus 101: What’s happening in Europe

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As the total number of coronavirus cases continue to rise, businesses in all sectors and economies are staring at a disruption on a global scale. In the current scenario, the dilemma people are facing is when will the global lockdown be lifted and they will be able to travel to their favorite destinations.

Europe has been the worst hit with more than 16,20,152 active cases. However, the authorities of affected countries have established and implemented several measures to limit further spread of the virus. Based on the facts given by official sources and government bodies, here is a clear understanding of the present situation in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


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According to official sources, only a few people are allowed to enter supermarkets and have to maintain a distance of 1 m while standing in the billing ques. Pharmacies only permit a maximum of 1-2 people at a time which ultimately results in long queues onto the street.


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In order to curb the deadly coronavirus outbreak, many people have been asked not to go out and socialize. Eateries will be able to operate if people stay three feet apart. All those who wish to travel will require official permission from the police. People can no longer wait in the emergency rooms along with their loved ones.


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Numerous social restrictions have been imposed by France to create a barrier to stop the virus from spreading. People cannot exercise more than 1 km from their houses and not more than once a day. There is a 6 months prison sentence for all those who are repeat offenders. Media personnel also require official permission for filming.


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As the number of coronavirus cases rose to more than 1,000 in the republic of Ireland, new and stronger measures were enforced to curb the spread of a public health crisis due to coronavirus. The most important rule is to stay at home and not venture out. According to the set rules, people who are a part of essential services will be allowed to travel for work.

People have been asked to exercise within a 2 km radius of their house. People involved in farm work have been excused from the stay at home rule. Also, no one is allowed to host a gathering with people other than their own family members.

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