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Bring Turkey Home: 5 Ways to Experience Turkey in Isolation

With the recent pandemic outbreak ensuring that we cancel all our traveling plans, it’s a pity that we won’t be able to experience the places we had planned. However, in keeping with the positive spirit of social distancing and isolation, let’s consider these traveling plans as postponed, and not canceled. You can still experience these places from the comfort of your home; staying indoors doesn’t have to be futile. So let’s make use of this introspection period, and learn some new things regarding Turkey. Here are some of the quintessential Turkey traits you can bring to your home without being bitter about the current situation. Check out this list of essentials that make Turkey one of the most beautiful and complete countries in the world!  

What to Read 

Reading can be an extraordinary thing; the power of transportation through words simply cannot be understated. Now Turkey has been well-documented on paper for countless years, showcasing the country’s rich history, culture, and demographics. Also, a side note: Quarantine can stop you from purchasing new books, however, stick to traditional methods of reading physical books once this outbreak is done. It has a different and heavily positive feel. Now for literature on Turkey, read the following – ‘Istanbul: Memories and the City’ along with ‘My Name is Red’ by Orphan Pamuk. Also, check out ‘The Bastard of Istanbul’ by Elif Shafak 

What to Watch 

If you’re impatient enough to stick through a book, the video format can be helpful and entertaining. Several short films, documentaries, and movies on Turkey have all been scintillating enough to explore. Turkish cinema is highly appreciated in the film world. Here’s what you need to check out – The Edge of Heaven & Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Along with these movies, also check out these documentaries – Kedi, Gallipoli, and Distant Constellation.  

What to Eat 

Now cooking can be a tricky affair, considering you can’t shop for exotic or even basic ingredients. So let’s try to keep it simple with these basic yet delicious Turkish food dishes. Your choices are – Kumpir (baked potato), Pide (Turkish version of Pizza), Kofte (Meatballs), and Baklava (dessert). You can follow these videos to learn these easy recipes – 

Kumpir –

Pide –

Kofte –

Baklava –

Turkish Instagrammers to Follow 

Let’s utilise social media to explore Turkey, shall we? As mentioned in the second point, Turkey has been blessed with incredibly talented photographers and filmmakers. Exploring the country on our smartphone screen is easily possible and rewarding. Here’s some of the amazing Instagrammers in Turkey you need to follow – Veyzel Ozturk (@vysloztrkphoto), The Guide Istanbul (@theguideistanbul), Hasan Ilkay Ozduman (@Hasanilkay), Serkan Demirci (@sserkan34), Istanbul Street Art (@istanbulstreetart) 

Turkish Musicians to Explore 

Music is a fantastic art form through which we can explore people, places, and even the weather. The mood which music builds cannot be put into words, especially if it’s ambient, or heavily laden with the local language. Turkish music is a delight, much of the country can be experienced simply through these Turkish musicians – 

Kalben –

Islandman –

Ayyuka – 

Jakuzi – 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange