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Bring Sri Lanka Home: Did you just cancel a trip to Sri Lanka? Here’s what to eat, drink and watch in isolation

With the rising number of Coronavirus cases in India and around the world, it is not surprising that many travellers cancelled their travel plans this year. If you were planning to visit Sri Lanka this time, don’t worry. We have something for you that will instantly transport you to the country. 
At this point, it is everyone’s social responsibility to isolate themselves and help keep the world safe. Self-isolation is crucial. Healthcare practitioners have made it clear that even if a traveller is tested negative at the beginning, self-quarantine is indispensable if you have a travel history or by chance came in contact with someone suffering from COVID-19, or have associated symptoms. 

However, isolation after cancelling a trip to Sri Lanka can make Jack a dull boy. So, here is a list of exciting things to do for all the travellers who still want to visit Sri Lanka. 

Movie Night on the Terrace/Balcony

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Rent a projector (or use a laptop), get popcorn and start binge-watching films, documentaries and travel escapades shot in Sri Lanka. Films are a great way to forget isolation and immerse yourself in the world of pristine beaches and extraordinary landscape. Some of the travel movies that will inspire your wanderlust are:

The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo


The famous film of the jungle book was shot in the wildernesses of Sri Lanka. The 1997 film beautifully portrays the Udawattakele Forest, a sanctuary in Kandy. Watch this film to enjoy the panoramic shots of the nature reserve, home to a wide range of flora and fauna. 

Duran Duran Music Videos


Duran Duran, the English new wave band, shot several music videos in the island nation. Some of the music videos of the band exquisitely depict the natural beauty of the country. These are, ‘Save a Prayer’, ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ and ‘Lonely in Your Nightmare’. These music videos are an ideal escape to the surreal landscapes of Sri Lanka. 

My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita

(c)Peter Kuruvita

This show will take you on a food tour of Sri Lanka. On this show, Peter Kuruvita, an Australian chef with Sri Lankan heritage, explores local dishes across the country. This series showcases the chef preparing dishes with extraordinary backdrops of beaches, mountains and jungles. 

Munch Healthy Sri Lankan Snacks


Isolation does not mean you cannot cook. You still can enjoy the Sri Lankan vibe on your plate. Order in some essential ingredients of the cuisine like coconut, pineapple, curry leaves and spices. If you have completed Peter Kuruvita‚Äôs, My Sri Lanka show, then you know what you want to eat. Nonetheless, here are few Sri Lankan snacks that are easy to prepare and are addictive. 

Savbora- Sago Coconut Cookies


These heart-melting cookies are full of flavours from Sri Lanka. Cooked with two key ingredients; Topacia sago and coconut, every bite of these cookies is a fresh reminder of the sandy beaches. Sago is popularly called Sabudana in India and is considered a healthy option. What adds a touch of freshness to the addictive cookies is the punch of fennel seeds. 

Seeni Murukku


Also a popular snack in South India, Murukku is a perfect companion for tea. Seeni Murukku is sugar-coated murukku, often made in different colours. When in isolation, you have enough time to cook. This snack is crispy, appetising and easy to make. Flour and sugar are the key ingredients of this snack. It cannot get easier than this. 

Sip on Fresh Drinks


It is important to hydrate all the time, and while you are at it, make it interesting. Sri Lankans consume few beverages regularly. Here is your chance to sip on some fresh drinks and leap into the old lanes of Sri Lanka, dotted with shanty stalls offering all sorts of beverages. 

King Coconut


Your body will love some refreshing coconut water right now. One thing that makes Sri Lanka stand out is its lines of king coconut trees alongside the pristine beaches. These orange coconuts are an important part of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Ceylon Tea


Like Indians, Sri Lankans also love their tea. Famous for its Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka is the third largest tea producing country in the world. The people here like their tea sweet. Get out of the bed, prepare a fragrant cup of tea and traverse into the aromatic tea plantation of Sri Lanka.