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Bring Maldives Home: Did You Just Cancel A Trip To Maldives? Here’s What To Eat, Drink and Watch

As the current coronavirus pandemic causing panic and anxiety everywhere, this isn’t the happiest time to be on the planet. Especially since that much-awaited vacation you have been planning for all along has been cancelled recently. While every destination you aim to visit has its unique charm, a planned trip full of comfort and luxury on the beautiful island of Maldives getting cancelled, may seem like the most frustrating thing right now.

As difficult as it sounds though, that’s no reason to stay unhappy while being isolated in your house. While you wait to visit the destination sometime soon, here are a few things you can do to get an experience of the beautiful island from the comfort of your own home!


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From haute cuisine to simple local eateries, Maldives has eating options to suit all kinds of taste palates. Freshly produced fruits and locally procured seafood symbolises the simplicity of Maldivian cuisine. While there are a lot of local Maldivian dishes to try, its proximity to places like the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Far East and Arabia gives you a chance to get a taste of these cultures as well in its culinary options.

Try your hand at cooking these local delicacies by starting with a simple dish like hedhikaa, which is a selection of finger foods. In Maldivian homes, this local snack is placed on the table and everyone helps themselves. Often referred to as “short eats”, you can try making a variety of savoury and sweet things like fihunu mas (fish pieces with chilli coating) or something sweet like bondi bai (rice pudding). For the main meal or “long eats”, try making rice and curry using Indian spices available at home which is a staple food in the Maldives. Similar to the Indian meal, it is poured over rice and eaten with the fingers. A cup of tea often accompanies the meal giving you a complete experience of the local cuisine.


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Maldivians love their coffee and tropical drinks. After all, what could be better than a refreshing drink while gazing at picture-perfect views all around you? While you may not be able to currently check out the endless picturesque sunsets that the Maldives has to offer, take in the time to gaze at the breathtaking sunset from your own balcony with a cup of homemade espresso or cappuccino which is a favourite among visitors in the Maldives. Post sunset, experiment with a refreshing cocktail or a mocktail at home. A treat to your senses, the combination of the fresh and tropical aroma of juices and spirits, is sure to lift your mood.


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Technology has not just made remote working more feasible, but also opened up doors to travel the world without even leaving your couch. Binge watch on movies shot in the Maldives to get a feel of the beautiful tropical paradise. From Bollywood movies like Ek Villain showcasing the bioluminescence effect found here in its full glory to the Hollywood blockbuster Star Wars ROGUE ONE shot in beautiful Laamu Tol located in South Maldives, there is no dearth of inspiration when you are yearning for a beautiful feast for the eyes.

To get an experience that could give you an actual feel of the place, pull up a 360-degree video on your smartphone and take a virtual tour of the rare marine life of the Maldives or bucket-list items such as deep-sea diving with all the thrills but from the safety of your house.

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As the lockdown confines people in their homes, giving your brain ways to escape to that much-awaited destination is not only important but also therapeutic. A cancelled vacation may seem like the worst thing to happen however, the best advice is to stay put and make the most of your time at home!

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