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Bring Italy Home: Did You Just Cancel A Trip To Italy? Here’s What To Eat, Drink And Watch In Isolation

As numerous coronavirus cases across the world are being traced back to Italy, the popular European country is trying its best to grapple with the situation. Known for its rich culture and scenic landscapes, Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world. However, as the number of cases continues to rise daily, all Italian towns have gone on lockdown with closures hitting all non-essential services.

If you have been one of the many tourists who has had to cancel their trip to this fascinating destination due to the recent pandemic, worry not as this list brings in the experiences that it is known for from the comfort of your own home!


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Italians are fiercely protective of their food. With an infinite number of dishes that the Italian cuisine is known for, there is only so much you can find space to taste for during your trip. So, make the best use of this time to get a head start on trying out a few easy to make Italian specialities. For a basic meal, try making the humble pizza in the traditional Italian style of Neopolitan (thick, fluffy crust) or Roman(thin-crust) with your favourite toppings. For the more advanced varieties go for a round of Lasagna or Risotto with ingredients which are easily available at home.

If you aren’t keen on cooking, there is an easy solve for you with hundreds of varieties of freshly made bread that is a part of Italy’s robust baking culture. Given the current situation, you may not be able to access something fancy, however, Italians are known to love all sorts of breads and savour it whenever they have a chance.


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Italy is home to some of the world’s best beverages. From cocktails to pre-dinner drinks, each of these beverages has a rich history behind them that has continued to give them an irresistible allure. There can be no better way to enjoy your meal than to accompany it with an amazing Italian beverage. Make your own version of the popular Amaro which is a potent digestif produced with a blend of several herbs, flowers and spices in either spirits or wine or the Vermouth which is a fortified wine that is flavoured with herbs.

For the non-alcoholic variety, enjoy a cappuccino at home with your breakfast or an espresso after dinner, just the way Italians love it!


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There is no better time than now to grab your popcorn and binge watch movies that highlight the Italian culture. With its beautiful countryside and age-old history, we have been blessed with truly brilliant movies that showcase how stunning it is. Start with a classic like “Roman Holiday”, which is one of the best movies to understand how magical Rome is or take a stroll down the romantic Tuscan countryside with “Under the Tuscan Sun”.

For period drama lovers, “A Room With A View” and “Life is Beautiful” are both worthy award winners and a must-watch. If you are longing for some action back in your life though, there can be no better choice than “The Godfather” set in rural Sicily.

Finally, as the world tries to recover from what has been declared as one of the worst crises that we have faced since the Second World War, the best way for us to help as responsible travellers is to stay put and make the best of this situation.

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