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Bring Greece Home: Did You Just Cancel A Trip To Greece? Here’s What To Eat, Drink And Watch In Isolation

A vacation isn’t something most people would take lightly. From using those office hours to search for best deals on flights and hotels to bookmarking all the places you want to visit, months go into planning a single trip. But when the same trip after all your efforts gets cancelled, it is bound to create a lot of frustration.

During this time of global turmoil, however most countries are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic and some destinations have been hit harder than others. The popular tourist destination of Greece has been hit worse than most places in the European continent. So, if you like millions of others have just cancelled a visit to the idyllic destination, here is a way for you to experience this historic location no matter where you are stuck!


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Food is a huge part of the Greek culture. A visit to the country would be incomplete without trying out its wide variety of unique food options.  With influences from other Mediterranean countries like Italy and Turkey, the Greek version still manages to maintain its own flavour. Try cooking the famous Greek Gyro that is loved around the world. You can try making it with a variety of different meats or just veggies packed inside and a tangy sauce on top along with french fries served alongside it. For a healthie treat, go for the Greek Salad also called as Horiatiki locally that includes local veggies easily found inside our homes. From simple dishes like Tzatziki made with Greek yoghurt to the slightly complex Moussaka, there is something to try for every kind of foodie.   


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A large amount of wine produced in Greece is from local vineyards in Santorini. While you may not have access to the unique varieties of wine found in Santorini, sit back and relax while you sip on some locally available wine. Alcohol in Greece is not limited to just wine though as Greeks love to drink. From their national drink called “Ouzo”, a dry type of aperitif made of anise flavour to the Raki which is a locally made brandy, there are multiple options for you to try when you make a visit there.

In the meanwhile, relish some homemade strong coffee, which is exactly how the Greeks like it. Served very hot, warm or cold, iced coffee is however the most loved form of coffee that is consumed by locals throughout the day.


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The white sand beaches and ancient villages of Greece have continued to inspire filmmakers over the years. While Greece is obviously much more beautiful than how the films depict them, watching a movie or two shot on the local islands is a perfect way to catch a glimpse of what is waiting for you once things get better. Spend an afternoon watching Mamma Mia, the most recent yet the most successful movie shot in Greecel; which has continued to grow its fanbase with each viewing. To get some action back in live, catch titles like the lively James Bond flick “For Your Eyes Only”, “Bourne Identity” or “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” which capture heart stopping shots in locations such as Meteora, Santorini and Mykonos.

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Finally, remember to look at the larger picture. As governments across the world bring out advisories daily asking people to stay put, the best way to protect ourselves and our communities is by staying home!

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