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Discover The Best Beaches In Bali Attracting Tourist To Its Shores

Bali’s rich culture, art and history have been some of the reasons that have appealed to tourists all around the world for the past few decades. Even so, with its sandy white beaches and rugged coastline, the best beaches in Bali have drawn tourists to its shores. Attracting surfers, divers, swimmers or simply beach lovers, it is perfect for a relaxing retreat at any time of the year.

With countless numbers of beaches surrounding the island, choosing a few best ones to visit can be confusing. From unmissable popular ones to the unexplored ones, here is a list of beaches for all types of travelers.  

Padang Padang Beach

popular beaches of Bali
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After its appearance in the famous romantic movie, Eat Pray Love, this southern marvel is one of the best beaches in Bali for Honeymoon/Family. Surrounded by cliffs and corals, it seems hidden from the outside world. The challenging waves here are perfect for all sorts of water sports including surfing. From soaking in the relaxing waves to just taking in the breathtaking view, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this beach.

Ideal for: Trying out Bali’s famous water sports

Kuta Beach

mainstream beach of Bali
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Due to its proximity to the city, Kuta beach is often considered to be one of the most mainstream beaches in Bali. Even though there are many other beaches in Bali, people keep coming back here for its friendly vibe and various water sports such as horse-riding and surfing. Cosy cafes line up along the beach with bean bags on the sand for you to enjoy a cold beer and the view. If you want to spend some time mixing other activities such as shopping and trying out local delicacies along with exploring the beach, this one is perfect for you.

Seminyak beach Bali also boasts of some of the most adrenaline pumped activities such as surfing. Friends and couples can also settle down for a glass of chilled beer and spectacular view.

Ideal for: Spending some quiet time exploring the beach and some of the most popular restaurants in Bali.

Jimbaran Beach

sandy beaches of Bali
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Fondly called the ‘Honeymoon beach’, Jimbaran beach has one of the coolest little cliff points in Bali and is known as one of the best beaches in Bali for swimming. About 250 metres from Tegal Wangi beach, it is perfect for a thrilling cliff jump and a barbeque with your friends. With a clifftop just above the water at 4 metres, feel the adrenaline rush while you take a plunge into the ocean below or just relax as nature showcases its magnificent beauty.

Ideal for: Adventure enthusiasts or an outing with your friends.

Balian Beach

black sand beaches of Bali
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With a striking contrast between the dark volcanic sand and the bright blue waves, the Balian beach is a stunning sight to behold.On a beach that stretches on forever, you will find yourself mostly alone with only a few surfers around. Because it is much further down north than the other popular beaches in Bali, regular tourists skip visiting it, however, it’s definitely worth the extra time required to make the trip and enjoy a slice of heaven before tourism ruins it.

Ideal for: Witnessing a black sand masterpiece filled with serenity.  

Gili Putih

romantic beaches of Bali
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With clear waters and Instagrammable swings, Gili Putih is one of the best beaches to visit in Bali. Plan a visit here during sunrise or sunset to watch the beautiful changing sky colors and the change in tides. From the island, you can also watch the magical views of the West Bali National Park nearby.

Balangan beach Bali is also an alternative for couples who want a romantic getaway with the backdrop of a killer sunrise and sunset.

Ideal for: Enjoying some peaceful time away from the crowds during peak hours

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Nyang Nyang Beach

picturesque beaches of Bali
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If you are looking for some solitude, then this secluded beach in South Bali is the perfect spot for you. Lined by a towering green cliff and white pristine sands, it almost feels like the beach is reserved for you. For photo enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to click the perfect shot, especially with props such as parts of an abandoned vessel lying around and a secret wild garden nearby. A short distance away from the popular Uluwatu temple, this is perfect for the explorer in you.

Ideal for: Getting some unique Insta-worthy shots.

Gunung Payung Beach

locals favorite beach of Bali
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Just under an hour from Denpasar City, located at Nusa Dua, Gunung Payung offers you a panoramic view of the ocean. Try out water sports or get a glimpse of the daily life here by striking up a conversation with the friendly locals. You can also watch the seaweed farmers and sea urchin collectors go about their daily chores and even offer you a few samples from them.

Ideal for: An accessible beach that is yet unexplored.

Virgin Beach

virgin beach of Bali
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This incredibly quiet and picturesque beach is also super convenient thanks to the number of eateries lined up along the coastline. Try snorkelling here by swimming towards the rocks where the fishes are plentiful. If you are lucky, you can also come by some majestic sea turtles in the wild. Once you have had your fill of swimming, head back to any of the eateries to order a cold drink while watching the day go by.

A substitute for the Virgin beach, thomas beach bali is like tucked away gem perfect to sunbathe and chill with your friends and partner.

Ideal for: Beach and restaurant hopping with little crowds and beautiful scenery all around. Plan a visit to another beautiful beach nearby-Pasir Putih during your trip here.

No matter what you are looking for, top beaches in Bali please every kind of traveler. Their tropical sunshine and clear warm waters are enough reason to make anyone add it to their ultimate bucket-list!

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