Before The Knot – 5 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Best Bachelor Trip Destination!

So, this is how the story starts. A really good friend of yours is about to get hitched, and after the chaotic and unanimous approval, and the typical boy jokes, it’s time for you to plan a bachelor trip. Here’s the catch though, you’re a little tight on budget, work won’t let you go off the grid for a lot of days, and quite honestly, your friend wants to keep it low key. Cornered? Don’t be. Point yourself at South Asia, Sri Lanka in particular- this island single-handedly transforms the most mediocre bachelor trips into the fondest of memories. It’s just something about the place, call it the vibe for now. Book your flight tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to be charmed by this magical island! Here are 5 reasons why Sri Lanka is the best Bachelor trip destination! 

Nightlife in Colombo 

Parties that rock till the wee hours of the night are pretty much a basic requirement for most bachelor trips. If you agree, then it is time to head straight for Colombo. The Sri Lankan capital is arguably the coolest and the most popular city in the entire country. Nightlife is at an all-time high, all thanks to the countless pubs, bars, clubs, and concerts that have gripped Colombo. However, it’s Colombo’s casinos that have earned the city an infamous reputation of being South Asia’s Vegas. Bellagio’s and Bally’s are the city’s top two casinos, hands down. ON14 Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Vistas Bar, and In On The Green are a few incredible clubs and bars in the city. People frequent these bars, pubs for live music performances or stand up acts, along with, of course, electric parties to make you forget to sleep! 

Hiking in Ella 

Detox yourself by rushing into Sri Lanka’s wilderness! The country’s wildlife and nature are mesmerizing and breath taking. There are a couple of safaris and wildlife tours you can explore, however, hiking is the best option if you want to unwind at your own pace. Cue Adam’s Peak and Sigiriya Rock Fortress, two quintessential hiking locations you can’t afford to miss. Adam’s Peak trail is incredible, it starts from the foot of the peak and winds to the top. If you aren’t in for strenuous activities, stop somewhere in the middle, click amazing photographs and make your way down. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress is worth experiencing as well, the impenetrable fortress stands atop a giant natural rock, shaped incredibly like a lion’s paw. Both these locations offer vantage views of the valley, making for a peaceful moment with the boys. 

Surfing at Hikkaduwa 

If you haven’t explored Sri Lanka’s coastline, you haven’t experienced the country at all. For the best experience, you have to head out to the Southern part of the island. What greets you is something straight out of a Windows XP Wallpaper – sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, a gorgeous sunset, and of course, surfers. Surfing at Hikkaduwa is a breathtaking affair! Experienced or not, the waves at Hikkaduwa will tempt you to ride them, and if you do so successfully, expect some enthusiastic applause, and a few fist bumps from the tourists lazing on the beach. Hikkaduwa also has a couple of great bars and cafes on the beach, so make sure you wine and dine with a view! However, if nothing else works for you, then grab a couple of drinks, apply some sunscreen and just laze around on the sand with the gang. Fun times, no need to complicate! 

Shop in Galle 

The best part about visiting a new country is exploring different shops in local markets. Now if you’re looking at expensive fashion brands and malls, then perhaps Colombo is your go-to destination. However, if you want to keep it local, then head over to any of the markets in Galle. Starting from the fresh catch of the day, to fresh fruits and vegetables, and even souvenirs, Galle markets epitomize shopping in South Asia. Bargaining is a skill best learned in advance here, the vendors sure know how to spot an amateur. These markets are also ideal for scouting local liquor, especially wine. Along with booze, you might want to look at Sri Lanka’s and maybe the world’s top two beverages – tea and coffee. Local coffee is incredible, and perhaps the best purchase for your trip back home. A few souvenirs never hurt anyone, emphasis on few. 

Safari in Habarana and Dambulla

Hello, there! Do you know that national parks and safaris in Sri Lanka have been voted as one of the best in the entire continent? Yeah. bet you didn’t. So do not hesitate, add another dimension to this bachelor trip by being one with nature. The Minneriya National Park safari is arguably one of the best wildlife experiences in Sri Lanka; once you gaze at a huge herd of elephants basking in the sun, bathing, and playing with each other, you’re suddenly reminded of the simpler things in life. If you’re up for it, also stop by the Golden Buddha Temple in Dambulla. Almost 200 Buddha idols plated in gold sit within this incredible temple. Take a breather, walk around and explore this temple, it has a surreal and serene aura, guaranteed to evoke a peaceful feeling within you! 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange

Image credits – Pexels, Shutterstock, Wikipedia Commons