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Visit Beautiful Spots In Bali With The Backdrop Of a Magical Sunset

The Indonesian island of Bali has for long been a popular destination for its stunning cafes, beautiful beaches and incredible culture. However, one of the biggest draws for tourists here is witnessing some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the world. From the sky turning into a vivid fireball to a majestic purple and then to a starry black affair, sunsets here are like no other. No trip to this island is complete without gazing at it with a cocktail in hand from one of the many points in Bali as the sun disappears into a colourful haze.

While there are many idyllic locations across Bali to witness this golden hour, here are the top spots to watch the sun go down.

Uluwatu Temple

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Perched on a cliff 825-feet high, facing the Indian Ocean, this charming sea temple is often regarded as one of the must-sees in Bali. As a cultural destination, it offers you a view of traditional Balinese culture. But as the colourful rays of the sun set across the ocean, things get even better as the clear sky changes shades and traditional dances give a jaw-dropping performance in the temple complex. With the view as a backdrop, the Kecak dance or what is popularly known as the Indonesian Ramleela is a must-watch during sunset here.

Tegal Wangi beach

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A picturesque spot to catch the stunning ocean view, there are many ways to enjoy the mesmerising sunset here. For getting an adrenaline rush, head over to the Jimbaran Panorama point, about 250 metres before the beach and make a thrilling cliff jump or enjoy a barbeque with your friends as the sun sets on the clifftop. For a more relaxing time, catch the enticing sunset view from one of the many pools of water or what is known as a private natural jacuzzi while chilling on the beach.

Tanah Lot Temple

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Sitting on top of an offshore rock, sunset at Tanah Lot temple is a must for you if you love majestic sunsets against a historical backdrop. This gorgeous temple has a unique combination of architecture, stunning scenery and sublime charm. As the sun begins its descent, beaming its orange light, you can witness the temple in all its glory.

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Kelan Beach

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There is something strangely soothing about watching planes come and go with the stunning backdrop of the sun. With a view of the airport runway, keep your camera ready as you wait for that perfect moment when the planes and the golden sun align themselves for a dream shot. The beach is also known for its coastline that is lined with colourful fishermen’s boats and ships that sail across the ocean.

Echo Beach

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Secluded and much less touristy than the popular Kuta or Seminyak beach, Echo beach is a haven for surfers. If you love to surf, rent a board or take your own and ride down the waves while watching the most epic sunset ever. With its dreamy beach view, it is also the perfect place to get a feel of Canggu’s hip and the youthful crowd that starts swarming the stylish seaside cafes. Post sunset, head over to any of the popular bars nearby or even a low-key bar, Old Man’s for a laidback night of great music and company.

Pemuteran Bay

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Leave the hustle and bustle of Kuta as you head over to a tiny village nearby called Pemuteran. Experienced scuba divers and nature enthusiasts know this place as the departure point for Menjangan Island or West Bali National Park. However, to experience one of the best sunsets in Bali, the secluded village of Pemuteran Bay is the place to be. As the sun sets behind the great volcanoes of Java, allow yourself to be disconnected from the world outside while witnessing nature’s supreme beauty.

Whether you prefer watching this divine sight from a beach or a temple or a jungle, kick back and cast your gaze on this golden hour from any of these places to get the best seats for a golden hour that really glows!

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