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Bali Handara Gate: Visit The Iconic Blend Of Culture And Hospitality

Bali is easily one of the most Instagrammed tourist destinations in the world. An old-favorite with photographers, it has now started getting a lot of attention from tourists as well. After the internet went buzzing with several jaw-dropping portrait shots captured here, everyone seems to be pining for their picture-perfect moment near Bali Handara gate.

If you like most people thought this gate symbolised some religious site in Bali, then you are in for a surprise too. The Handara Gate is actually the entrance to a golf resort!

The traditional Hindu gate traditionally plays an important role in Indonesian culture, especially in Bali. It symbolises the entrance from the outer world to the temple, or in this case, the golf course!

Handara gate of Bali
(C) Flickr

The Handara Golf & Resort Bali boasts of a well-equipped golf course and accommodation options with a beautiful dining experience. Located in Bedugul highlands, the Handara Gate at this resort is surrounded by lush green mountains, crater lakes and the equatorial rain forest that creates stunning backdrops. It is nestled down inside a crater of an extinct volcano at an altitude of almost 1400 metres above sea level. 

While its inception goes back decades ago in 1974, it was launched to the public after a complete renovation only in 2015 with a nominal Handara gate Bali entrance fee. Soon it caught the attention of tourists and locals because of the massive exposure on social media platforms.

Meaning the split gate, it is referred to as Candi Bentar in Balinese and Gapura in Indonesian. The classic gateway is found in other parts of the country at the entrance of religious compounds, cemeteries or Kraton palaces. A candi like structure splits perfectly in two to create an elevated passage for people to walk through it.

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religious gates of Bali
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Commonly found in Java, Bali and Lombok, you can see these religious gates spread across Bali. There is another famous gate in Bali called the Gate of Heaven in Lempuyang Temple. In a funny coincidence though, a popular global magazine editor similarly shattered the impression that people had about this famous photo spot too during her visit to the country. She found out that the pristine pool of water reflecting the sky in front of these gates is not even a puddle in reality but; was merely created by a sheet of glass used along a smartphone camera to take dramatic photos.

Trick photography isn’t something new to the world of social media however, so if you still want to make a trip for your ideal picture, here are a few things to know before you go.

Entrance fee

Unless you are a guest at the resort, the fee is IDR 30,000 per person. You can collect the ticket from a counter located right in front of the gate. After you pay the ticket fees, you will receive a “Selfie Ticket” as a receipt.

Traditional Rules

While this is a non-religious compound, the rules for gate types apply to Bali Handara as well. Be mindful of the local culture while clicking your perfect picture.

Best time to visit

There is no specific time for visiting the gate as it is just on the main side of the road and so you are free to go anytime. However, the best time to know more about Handara gate history is during the months of April to September.

How to reach the Handara Gate

Handara gate of Bali
(C) Flickr

The Bali Handara Gate is easily accessible from all parts of Bali; lying on the main road within 10 minutes from Ulun Danu Temple. It roughly takes about 2 hours each from Ubud to Handara gate. There is no public transportation available to the gate and hence it is recommended renting a scooter or a car to explore around.

So prepare your camera for capturing this iconic spot and creating your own viral moment at the Bali Handara iconic gate.

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