Bali Breakup Curse: Should You Bali-eve it?

An island with breathtaking views, Bali tops the bucket list of most travellers and honeymooners. Bali truly is the land of stunning beaches, religious sites, scenic rice terraces, a galore of culture and tradition and fragrant cuisine. The island offers perfect mix leisure and adventure. If you are looking for a destination that can charm you with its elaborate temples, endless coastline, gorgeous waterfalls and retreats, then hop to Bali. While Bali is known as a popular honeymoon destination, there are many myths and legends about the island. Here’s a quick fact check:

Myth: Unmarried Couples who travel to Bali will break up

Traveler honeymoon couple in the jungle of Bali island, Indonesia. Couple in the rainforest.

It is said that if an unmarries couple travels to Bali, they will break up because of a curse. The myth has been discussed by thousands of poeple on online forums and many people have testified that the curse comes true. 

What’s the story?

Balinesian wedding couple

The legend has it that a Brahmin Prince and Princess came to visit Bali from Java. While enjoying a romantic sunset together at the iconic Tanah Lot temple, the royal couple got intimate. It was the princess’ first time and soon after their encounter, the prince left her and refused to marry her. In a fit, the devastated princess cursed the island, dooming all unmarried couples who visit to break up after.



Despite the myth, numerous couples travel to the island and remain happily together. Several surveys have been done so far which prove that 80 per cent of couples remain happily married after they have travelled together to Bali!

(Curated by Priya Pareek)