Around The World, Through The Screen – 6 Travel YouTubers You Need to Follow

Hello, fellow souls in isolation. Boredom making you grind your teeth yet? Worry not, sit tight, hydrate yourself, and let the Covid 19 storm pass outside. While we take care of ourselves, why don’t we dream and discover all the places we’d like to travel once this pandemic subsides? It sounds like a great idea, yes.

These YouTubers have been traveling across the globe, in search of exciting places and unreal stories to tell. Beautiful, inspiring, and surreal, what you see on your screen is our world in its wilderness, untainted and safeguarded. Check out these six YouTubers who are redefining traveling without a cause! 

Drew Binsky 

With an intimidating list of 150 countries visited in a short span of time, Drew Binsky is a familiar name. Supported by renowned travel companies like LonelyPlanet, Huffington Post, and GoPro, Drew blogs about his regular travels aside from creating a specialised series about his Asian travels. Drew often uses his social media and Youtube channel to highlight some of the cheapest countries to travel. Subscribe to him on Youtube to be a part of his journey!

The Bucket List Family 

When the Gee family decided to sell everything and travel the world, little did they know that this decision would transform their life along with the lives of countless others. Practically one of the most ‘wholesome’ families, the parents work as travel journalists, and the kids are homeschooled. They travel to unique places from around the world and try some lip-smacking cuisine. This family is goals when it comes to raising ours for the future!


Humble, relatable, and deeply emotional, Marko and Alex are two vagabond brothers who record their travels on their Youtube channel. Through their travels, the Vagabrothers build long-lasting connections with people from all across the world, and they are proof that we are one single conscience experiencing everything through different eyes. Lately, the Vagabrothers have also experimented with spirituality and it’s refreshing to see something so real on a very cosmetic platform. Join them on their journey –

Phil Good Travel 

A staunch promoter of positivity, Phil travels across Europe and spreads his motto – “Today is a good day to have a good day”. Uniting people from all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities, Phil promotes a simple but effective message of living in harmony. Bursting with energy and positivity, Phil is often seen hugging or fist bumping strangers, proving the fact that energy can be passed and it takes nothing to improve someone’s day!

Lost LeBlanc 

“I built a million-dollar business with a camera”, is how the channel introduces itself, and surely enough, Christian LeBlanc has been extremely successful with documenting his travels. Funded and partnered with several reputed companies, Christian has built a loyal and steady follower base who are all as passionate about traveling as he is. He always motivates his audience to live their dreams and to head out and discover this world on their own. Christian is also a huge believer in getting out of your comfort zone, which has steadily inspired the people in his life to venture out and explore our planet.

Oneika the Travel 

An inspiring personality further validated by her award-winning blog, this Jamaican lady surely brings the ‘bossy’ in her travels. Backed by a strong personality and never-say-never spirit, Oneika travels the world and builds her stories around people from different backgrounds and privileges. She’s a strong supporter of diversity and multiculturalism, and her videos are proof that we all have a story to tell when the right platform presents itself to us. Follow this remarkable woman to get inspired about your individuality!

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange