All That Glitters Is Gold – Colombo’s Top 5 Casinos!

Colombo, South Asia’s Vegas is as exhilarating, energetic, and alive as its counterpart. The city apart from being the biggest and most popular in the country also has a daunting reputation of catering to the infamous rich and the hesitant poor. The motto of Colombo? If you have the cash to burn, then maybe lady luck will join you at your table. The city’s casinos are impressive, to say the least, attracting tourists and locals alike to try their hand at the lucrative jackpots. So without further ado, let’s explore the city’s top casinos, and see if we can get ourselves a good deck of cards! No poker face for this one, ladies and gentlemen! 

Bally’s Casino 

At the forefront of this magnificent list is Bally’s, a name popular amidst every group of casino enthusiasts. Bally’s is widely regarded as the biggest and the most popular casino in the city. They cater to the rich, mostly tourists, a fact made popular by the number of platinum services they sell each day to increase their business. You’re looking at incredible complimentary food and snacks, massage services, valet parking, live performances, and state-of-the-art slot machines and other equipment. A trip to Colombo is incomplete without a visit to Bally’s- an integral part of the city’s glamour and pop culture. 

Continental Club 

When you’ve been in the business for almost two decades, you know every possible trick of the trade. The Continental Club ticks off most of the boxes in the much-needed facilities for a casino. They have a lofty and loyal customer base, albeit far too many tourists for one’s liking. However, Continental Club has rarely seen a dull night, with business booming, or should we say clinking like the cash from the slot machines. The Continental Club also houses these posh guests with over-the-top services, of course. You’re considered a big player if you are a regular at this casino, and looking at their clientele, boy is it an intimidating group of big guns. Proceed with caution, ladies and gentlemen! These fellas know their game. 

Casino Marina

Giving the word ‘deluxe’ a new dimension, Casino Marina is as large as it can get. No, seriously. The Casino has four floors dedicated to different types of clientele, with the topmost floor catering to the elite and whos who of Colombo. Chances of running into a celebrity are incredibly high! The other floors cater to tourists, the regular crowds, and then the private parties. Their roulette rings the magical tunes even in the wee hours of the night, earning Casino Marina an amusing Night Owl reputation. The stakes are high if you can slide into the upper brackets of the big players, and the winner does take it all here. However, it’s also unfair to a great degree that Casino Marina exclusively wants a rich client base; the casino has gone on record multiple times to state that they love and cherish all their clients. Well, everyone’s welcome here then. As long as you can pay *wink wink* 

Bellagio’s Casino 

This one is interesting simply because Bellagio mostly caters to a middle-class clientele. Although it does get its fair share of those with fat wallets, usual days at Bellagio’s are…..well, ordinary? In no way do we mean boring, it’s just that Bellagio simply lacks the outspoken glamour which the other names in this list possess. However, Bellagio’s has constantly won several awards, including an award for the most happening nightlife place in Colombo. The casino also hosts countless promotional and entertainment events, so don’t be surprised if you walk into this casino and a rock or blues gig greets you. We’re talking multi-functional here, people. On a serious note, Bellagio’s is a leading name in Colombo and only seems to be climbing the ranks as the days go by. This one’s to look out for! 

The Ritz Club 

With a name like that, you’re probably imagining a casino from the Ocean’s series (highly recommended that you watch the entire movie series) and you’re not too far off. The Ritz Club speaks a million words with its appearance and everything here is meant to either entice, intimidate and hypnotize you. Or all three, at the same time. However, the regular clientele swears by their casino machines and roulette’s as being the very best in the country. The place caters to a mixed crowd, mostly those who can afford to burn their cash for a night. The vibe is energetic, the staff courteous, the winnings either too high or too low…you know how it goes for the best casinos. Also, their food and beverages are highly underrated, the proof of that is the long line of dining clientele eagerly awaiting their table on weekends. Simply put, the place is great, worth experiencing and toying with your luck! 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange

Photo Credits – Wikipedia, Pexels, Shutterstock (In no specific order)