A Traveller’s Guide Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic that originated in China’s Hubei province of Wuhan, has now spread to more than 200 countries in the world. Countries have closed down borders and implemented bans to curb the outbreak.

The effects of the pandemic have brought the global aviation industry to a complete standstill, thus leading to a decline in tourism and thwarting all claims of a business boom.

Source: Unsplash

What do the stats say?

The virus was first reported in China in 2019 and the country has now registered more than 81,000 cases and 3,300 deaths. The worst hit countries are the USA with more than confirmed 450,000 cases and Italy registering around 18,270 casualties.

Protect yourself

Protect yourself by frequently washing your hands, incorporate hygiene practices, practice social distancing. Seek immediate medical attention if you develop symptoms such as fever, breathlessness, cough, fatigue etc. Also, avoid touching your face, mouth or eyes with dirty hands.

Most importantly, do not fall prey to rumors and myths that might create a panic situation. Stay Safe, Stay Informed, Stay Healthy!

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