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A Stay at Paradise Island Resort & Spa, Maldives – Redefining Opulence

The first half of 2020 was a nightmarish plunge into isolation and looking at beach and mountain photos longingly. However, kudos to the medical taskforce of this world, we’re now looking at a stable and safe traveling schedule. As for the Maldives, there’s hardly any adjective left to describe the beauty of this island and Paradise Island Resort is the cherry on the cake. This is the Maldives, untouched and exuberantly depicted by Paradise Island Resort & Spa, and rightly so! 

Paradise island resort

Paradise Island & Resort, Maldives – Nature’s very own Honeymoon Package! 

It’s no secret that the Maldives is regarded as one of the prime honeymoon destinations. Isolated islands, lush green forests, azure water, it’s straight out of a holiday postcard! However, Paradise Island & Resort is widely considered as one of the best honeymoon spots in the Maldives simply for its picturesque view and the gentle, isolated vibe it offers! 

Paradise Island Resort & Spa – What to expect at this azure dream?

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Upon reaching this secluded island where Paradise Island Resort & Spa stands, you’ll be greeted by swaying palm trees and crystal clear waters. Depending on your accommodation, Paradise Island Resort & Spa will open itself to you, and boy is it a sight to see! 

A network of paved pathways neatly dissecting the quaint cottages and villas will guide you to different sections like the dining front, social area, and watersports lodge. However, the crowned jewel of Paradise Island Resort and Spa, Maldives is its inhouse Spa- a sprawling, cozy area that invites you with heady scents and mesmerizing steam patterns! 

The oceanfront dining is the pinnacle of the honeymoon package & experience- breaking bread (exquisite bread, we must say) along with your loved one while sipping on an excellent glass of their house wine; this seems like the start of a romantic movie. And if you do opt for the Paradise Island Resort & Spa superior beach bungalow then you’re in for a treat- a complete accommodation package that offers the best of dining, oceanview, and of course, room service! 

A morsel of the ocean – Paradise Island Resort & Spa, the undisputed kings of seafood

Paradise island resort
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A romantic dinner overlooking the lagoon is the most basic privilege of dining at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa, Maldives. Several Asian culinary experts keep pointing at Maldivian cuisine as the next big thing, Paradise Island Resort & Spa will prove to you why. 

A heavenly array of Maldivian seafood dishes will seriously make you want to convert into a Pescetarian. Also, make sure you try the local dessert, we simply cannot put it into words. Apart from the Maldivian delicacies, the Paradise Island Resort & Spa also takes great pride in their Japanese cuisine. Simple, yet intimidatingly flavoursome. 

Also, as Paradise Island Resort & Spa proudly claim- something to suit every suite. Themed luxury dining is the next best thing, but Paradise Island Resort & Spa have already perfected it. 

Bageecha Restaurant (courtyard buffet), Farumathi Restaurant (seafood special), Fukkuya Teppanyaki (Japanese Restaurant), Ristorante al Tramonto (Italian Restaurant), and of course the Athiri Bar are always at your disposal, waiting to be explored. 

A secret just for you and your wallet – Paradise Island Resort & Spa, pleasantly affordable!

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Luxury stays can make the best of us wince, I mean who likes to be in debt after a vacation? However, Paradise Island Resort & Spa, Maldives understands the relief one experiences after a lovely stay and a pleasantly affordable bill. 

Keep in mind that this luxury stay isn’t exactly cheap- however, with the view, dining, and other features they offer, it’s quite a bargain. For a day & night, paradise island resort Maldives price for a Beach Villa (excluding breakfast) comes at a pocket pinch of INR 9k, while its variant which includes breakfast costs INR 12K. Sunset Beach Villa & Water Villa (perfect honeymoon packages) cost around INR 15k and INR 25k respectively. The Jacuzzi Water Villa, your ultimate honeymoon gift to your loved one comes with every single accommodation feature and will cost you around INR 32k. 

The season of exploring – The best time to visit Maldives

Paradise island resort
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The Maldives is an archipelago (collection of islands) that are worth exploring year-round. Rarely do the Maldives experience ferocious, unfavorable weather or unconquerable tides. However, to experience the best of the Maldives as well as the Paradise Island Resort & Spa, November to April are deemed as the best months. 

Warm, cozy weather, along with gentle tides and a tan-worthy beach are too simply enticing to think twice. November to April are also peak tourist months, however, these Covid times will ensure that you get the best of the privacy as well as nature’s glory. Travel safe! 

Paradise Island & Resort does not know of dull days!

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There’s plenty to do, see, and experience when you arrive at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa. The resort’s plethora of activities will keep you engaged for the duration of your visit, possibly even convince you to extend your stay! 

Your Maldivian adventure starts the minute you arrive at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa and head towards their diving lodge. An exciting list of watersports and marine excursions can help you to map out your schedule. Experienced diving instructors conduct engaging yet insightful diving experiences and classes. 

Along with that, the luxury resort also houses activities like volleyball, aerobics, in-house gym, basketball, billiards/snooker. It also features a squash, table tennis, and an indoor badminton court! 

Reaching the promised Neverland – how to reach the Paradise Island Resort & Spa, Maldives 

Once you build your itinerary, it’s time to fly! Delhi & Mumbai offers international flights to the Male International Airport, Maldives. 

A seaplane journey to the Paradise Island Resort & Spa is not advisable due to the short distance. Thus, a speedboat will charter you to the hotel from the Male Airport, it’s a quick 20-minutes ride. Speedboat fare can be paid either at the airport or at the resort. However, the price depends on the season and occupants. 

The Paradise Island Resort & Spa is truly a postcard that has come alive. This luxury stay is proof of how islands are untouched by roaring urban concretes. It offers the very best of a luxury stay. The resort also provides a simple yet satisfying experience of staying on an island. 

For all those who eyed Tom Hanks in Cast Away with slight jealousy, here’s your chance to experience an island stay- completely safe, lavish, and picturesque. What are you waiting for, start making plans right now! 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange 

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